Snapped....Sarah Brady

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Snapped....Sarah Brady

Postby katgotsteve » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:59 pm

I would like some opinions on this. I watch alot of crime tv, i admit it is my addiction, but this case really stood out to me.

Sara Brady was 9 months pregnant and got a call from Sara Brody claiming that her gifts were being sent to her apartment on accident. so Sara Brady thinking nothing of this went to pick up her baby gift from an online registry. when she arrived, sara brody was also pregnant, she went in. when she was in the woman's apartment, sara brody attacked sara brady with a knife. after a struggle, sara brady, cut, bitten and stabbed, escaped after stabbing sara brody. sara brody died from the stab wounds. sarah brady and her baby were fine. sarah brady then became a murder suspect becuase the police thought that she was there to sale her baby to sara brody, who's really name was Katie Smith.
After a 14 month investigation, with sara being a prime murder suspect and baby seller, it was found that age 14 katie has her first fake pregnancy, at age 17 she claimed to have repressed memories of her father molesting her, which in 2001 he went to prison for, the years following she had fake pregnancies that went 9 months with claims of miscarriage or still birth.

now here is my point, this woman with no past criminal history was investigated for 14 months and taken to grand jury becuase this woman's family claimed she was selling the baby to her. now keep in mind she was estranged from most of her family becuase of the allegations against her dad, the family really thought she was pregnant and it is not until weeks later that they say sara was trying to sell the baby. this woman went through hell. then the innocent project got involved and in 2006 her father was released from prison and completley cleared of charges. it really makes you think of what some families go through with a child who make up stories. it doesnt matter how many times a child lies or makes up things, cps is always there to believe the bad in the adult.

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