Need help making a decision

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Need help making a decision

Postby katgotsteve » Fri Jan 04, 2008 7:30 pm

I have told my story on here previously so i wont rehash it.
my niece that i had all the issues with is up to it again.
she had an obession with my husband, trying to see him naked, fawning over him, staring at him constantly, until finally she made allegations. they were proven to be just fantasies, no physical evidence, hymen intact, no witness even though she said the other kids would walk in and see it, etc...
well, she has been living with my mom and my brother babysits her. my brother is gay and lives with a partner. well, she is repeating these same behaviors with the partner, she sneaks down the hall to watch him dress, she makes an effort to walk in the bathroom when he is bathing, she touches him constantly, she has even said she is obessed with him, she thinks about him all the time and she plans on having sex with him. HE IS FLAMING AND HAS NO INTEREST IN FEMALES, but that hasnt stopped her.
i am trying to decide if i should attack cps with stuff like this.
here is my dilema, after a year, they just let the court order lapse, gave me an oral apology and have left me alone, but the are so ignorant. my mom has this child with her and she is being forced to put her in counseling, now i know counseling works for some people, but this child has been in counseling since she was 4 she in now 13, it has only made her worse, she listens to the other kids that have been abused and makes that abuse part of her life. it is sad but a fact. well, when the worker called the counselor to check on my niece, she began to talk about how my mom removed her from her meds and that she is depressed and needed them. the counselor informed her this child is not depressed, the worker said but she is diagnosed as bipolar by our psychologist. the counselor informed her that one visit or two visit with a child could not make that diagnosis and the bipolar is alot more than just depression.
i think that as caseworkers for children they should have to have some basis of psychological understanding. for example, often unmedicated bipolar people are hypersexual, even before puberty. often the meds they take curb that sexual appetite and often kill it all together. also, you can be bipolar with mania or psychosis, mania could lead to a violent out break and psychosis can mimic sign of schzophrenia. bipolar is not just depression.
so should i just let all this slide with a possiblity of this child ruining someone else in another state or do i start down here. should i bring this to their attention and risk the attention to my family. i am currently on moderate bedrest for my pregnancy which should end in the next week or so, so i can write letters, but i really want to change, but do i risk my family. there were never any charges against my husband, no investigation by the da or cops, the cops were with my niece for two interviews, the initial and the video taped one and he said she told two totally different stories. so they never believed her, even the cps attorney admitted in court he knew she was lieing about some it, but it all could not be lies so there for we should believe her (yes he passed the bar and has a degree) my point is do you think if i start my pushing they will come after me.

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