Steve Wilkos Show on 9/23

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Steve Wilkos Show on 9/23

Postby Momoffor » Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:06 am

I watched the Steve Wilkos show yesturday and while I am not a fan or anything, (Its just something to do and kill time between other things lol) There was a wife and husband on there from VA who lost their kids to CPS over a year ago with accusations of putting them in cages, beating them and starving them.

While much of what the woman said was true concerning CPS, the drama aspect and way she presented it, was ignorant and trashy.

Perhaps the Steve Wilkos show was the only 'media avenue' that would agree to let them on the air to talk about CPS, but come on, thats like going on Springer to hear a secret from a loved one and expecting no shock factor.

I guess what I am trying to say is there are good ways and bad ways to expose CPS and this was a BAD BAD way to do it.

Not only that, the parents were given a lie detector test to prove they were innocent. They passed the part about putting kids in cages, but failed trick open ended questions like "have you ever physically harmed your child in any way'. (For those that do believe in spanking as discipline this would make them fail the test).

Another question they failed was "have you ever witheld food from your kids". (Well hell, there are times that my kids arent allowed to come out of their room until they have finished cleaning it. If that means they arent able to done in a timely manner for lunch or dinner, I have witheld food from them).

I also want to point out these parents at the time of taping still did not have their kids back, so going on a national 'shock talk show' to get chewed up and spit out is not going to help out their case at all. Especially with the neurotic way the wife was acting.

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Postby katgotsteve » Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:51 am

i watched the show too. i was sitting there thinking, OMG this is giving people involved with cps a bad name, but on the other hand it showed how cps finds people who do have problems (lack of education, mental issue, poverty, etc) and exploit them. they were also accused of not providing medical care for the children, what if you dont have health insurance, you dont qualify for medicaid, then what do you do. i grew up with out any of that, the only time i went to the doctor is if i was about to die or feel like it. locking the kids in cages, did they find these cages. i remember on thing was scratches and other marks on the kids, how many times has your child been scratched by something. i live in the country, our fence is barb wire around our pasture, i still get scratches from it when i climb through, but that is not abuse.

it just disgusted me to see it played on like that on tv. they should have known he is an excop and he even said that cps does not take children without reason. boy dont we all know that that is a lie....

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Postby Momoffor » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:23 am

I honestly dont think it showed that CPS preys on people with a lack of education ect. It looked to me as if people who claim CPS preys on innocent parents are just in denial and are liars who deserve to have their children taken away.

If the mother in particular wasnt going into the dramatics so much as getting facts out there, it possibly could have been presented better.

As for the medical ect. I agree with you: The disappointing part is that it didnt go into particulars about what medical care was refused, but the lie detector test of course had the same open ended question for that too. I have refused to take my kids to the doctor for things like chicken pox ect when there was no reason to do so. (I had to have one of my kids confirmed as chicken pox since she just had the shot a month or so before and only had a few of them, the clinic made me drive up to the back entrance, call them when I got there, and a doctor and nurse came out to the car, said yup thats it and we drove off) The kids would beg to go to the doctor to 'get something' to make it stop. There isnt anything, but with an opened ended question like 'have you ever refused to get your kids medical care", I would have failed, because even though it wasnt needed, I did refuse it.

Those people werent brought on there to show how innocent they were. Its a 'shock talk show' where he doesnt nothing but come down on people. I am not saying some dont need it, but thats what he does. The point wasnt to help the parents bring anything to light, it was to do the opposite and make them look like trashy people who deserved to lose their kids, and he did quite a good job of it.

I do have to point out, that he did read documents from CPS about how the daughters started displaying and talking about sexual issues AFTER they had been in CPS foster care and seen by CPS doctors. (True to CPS style) but it seemed like it was almost an accident Steve Wilkos brought that up and it got dropped like a hot rock and not mentioned again. not even in the lie detector test, but he was all about brining up cages, starving and medical care. Why not go more into the sexual accusations as well? Perhaps its because he knows its BS.

Plus he twisted their words just like CPS would. They were trying to explain that CPS had been out to the house 17 times and have found no cages and no anything, but then he used that against them stating CPS had been out to their house 17 times, therefore they HAD to have been doing something in order for CPS to be there that often.

It was just the VERY wrong avenue to take to try to get the truth out there and made CPS look even more justified in doing what they do.

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