After your case was closed have you ever ran into your...

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After your case was closed have you ever ran into your...

Postby debbiescalese » Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:11 am

worker in public. I did yesterday the one who started the whole mess and screwed up the case pretty bad. I went to the parent teachers conf last night for the school. They usually set it up so just about every service in the comunity is there to promote themself. Well right between the right from the start program and the family resource network was CPS and who was sitting there but the old worker. So I stopped to talk to the people at The FRN becuase I did volenteer work there and I know and very much like the people(all socail workers by the way). And I was talking about the kids report cards and the punishments I would be giving for failing Language Arts. So I said to one of the ladies better not say anything too loud you know you can't be a parent or you get punished. And she said something like "Yeah sometimes you get punished for the wrong things.. You know all about that." I said really loud so she could here "You just can't be a good parent anymore! You can lose your kids for it." then I shot the woman a dirty look and made eye contact. She just looked down she knows what she did. Hell the whole social worker feild knows the screw ups she made becuase I wasn't shy about telling other workers about it. They all said the same thing she screwed up and got involved where she didn't need to be.

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Postby good dad » Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:29 am

I've run into everyone involved in my case a few times since it ended.
I saw the GAL at a town get together about 20 miles from where I live. They had; band, beer gardens,fireworks etc.
As I walked through with my kids I noticed him and saw he was drunk, when he saw me he started heading for his car with his girlfriend.
It was tough, but we managed to catch him :)

Everytime I see my old worker, sometime during our conversation I always throw in "You realize that those who play GOD end up going to Hell?".(I think I say it hoping he'll have nightmares over the words).
His wife was with once and agreed with me without knowing he was the butt of the joke, watching him shoot her a "shut the hell up" look was priceless
My advice is my opinion and not legal advice
A bad lawyer is worse then no lawyer and bad advice is worse then no advice....

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Postby Greegor » Fri Nov 14, 2008 4:47 am

The guy and I were both jaywalking across the street
toward the same building. He was rubbernecking
so much he walked smack into a street sign.
I cursed at him and just kept on walking.

I ran into him in June of 2008 in the middle of the
flood chaos. He had grown lots of facial hair like
he was trying to be "in disguise" with his buddy.
I asked him if he had walked into any street signs
lately. He said something like Huh?? I said
FIRST NAME, I'd recognize you ANYWHERE!
I'll never forget YOU!
He threatened to get a cop, I told him I would wait
right where I was, and taunted him about his manhood.
Of course, even though there were cops all over
he never came back even after 20 minutes.

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I went one better!

Postby liluci » Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:46 am

My dependency attorney (number 3 - the only one who had a clue) said he liked my work in pro per - and hired me to work for him (!). I now get to call social workers and request files and other things they never want to provide.

A rockin' good time, believe me.

I am always gracious, of course, but you can still here their little backsides slam shut every time...Ah, the smell of napalm in the morning.

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