Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh!

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Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh!

Postby debbiescalese » Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:33 am

Our case has been closed since June. Since I live in a small town with only one grocery store you tend to run into everybody. In our case it means the cps workers and contract agents as well. DH works at the grocery store and has for years he is the manager at the meat shop section.
Frequently 2 of the contact agents have been in the store and he stops has friendly conversation with them. They were really great during the case and helped us over and over again. Truely they are wonderful people and one even gave me her email addy and we talk to eachother as if we met eachother in a different place and have know eachother for years. It is so funny though went the origional worker who started the farce of a case shows up though. She knows he works there and has for a long time yet she still goes to the store and when she sees him she looks away quickly then bolts down an isle to avoid him. She causes a seen every time. Then everyone that works there looks at dh and laughs like what does she thing your going to knock the crap out of her in the store. (he is so not like that) He smiles at her and goes about his job. Frankly I think she knows what a bad job in this case she did and is embarassed but no need to make a scene. I just have to laugh when he comes home with these stories! How bad does a social worker have to screw you over to run from you in a grocery store?

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Postby Greegor » Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:02 pm

The devil from our case walked smack into a street
sign because he was rubber necking at me so much.
It was quite loud.
I laughed and swore at him but just kept walking.

This last summer he had thick facial hair and
thought nobody would recognize him.
I referred to him by name and told him I
would NEVER forget who he is!
He ran way to get a cop and strangely never
came back. I waited.

I'm sure he felt harassed. LOL

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