what is the issue with medical marjiuana?

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what is the issue with medical marjiuana?

Postby isaacdrucollins415 » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:15 pm

why do they have an issue with me using marijuana medically i have every legal document showing proof that's what i use it for and that's why my drug test come up positive for it i also use adderall to stabilize my ADHD and i come up positive for amphetamines from it so they say i have drug abuse issues because of it? how does this make any sense?

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Re: what is the issue with medical marjiuana?

Postby LindaJM » Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:09 am

CPS is looking for reasons to take children from their parents. It doesn't matter if a child has ever actually been abused or neglected. They want kids... because that's what makes the system work.

Your medical marijuana use may not have hurt your child directly, but it gives the social workers something they can take before a judge, to say you're so stoned all the time you can't possibly be taking proper care of the child. They will call this neglect. With your child in a foster home the system gets money from the federal government. That's what they want. Money, money, money!

Therefore I recommend that parents not use medical marijuana while they have children under the age of eighteen. Not because it is bad (honestly, I recognize that for many people it is the BEST medication) ... but because the CPS system will use it to take the children.

A word of hope: many people who have been accused of using drugs do get their children back after going through some kind of rehab and being cooperative. You must do everything on the court ordered service plan and never miss a visit with your child.

Basically, they caught you red-handed being a drug user (legal or not, it doesn't matter) ... and so there's no denying it. But you now have to decide between the medicine and the child.

Please continue to post here and let us know how your case progresses. Document everything you do to complete the court ordered service plan so you can present that documentation in court.
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Please keep in mind that none of us are lawyers and we can't give legal advice. We are simply telling you what we would do in a similar situation. It is to your advantage to get a lawyer.

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke ... so try to do something to change the system ...

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