where do i start

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where do i start

Postby catlizc » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:13 am

i dont know what to do. let me start by saying that my wife and i both have hpv. 2 of my 3 children were birthed by my new wife when she had hpv. i know that the chance are low that either of my children got the virus during birth but are still possible. a study done on 300 families showed that 30% of the children born had hpv. also my 2 youngest children are allergic to many things. we have to buy special soap, detergent, cremes, cloth diapers and other things so they dont break out in rashes. we go to the doctor more than we would like due to their allergic reactions. we have recently found out that they are allergic to zinc oxide which is in almost everything. so we think we have that under control a few days ago my wife saw something on my daughters anus that looked like an allergic reaction. so she took her to the doctor. the doctor we are seeing is great and has been the only one dealing with our children. he really helped when we caught our oldest son, who has some mental instabilities, trying to shove things into our other 2 children's rectums. we had no idea he was capable of such things or how long that it had been going on. of course this led to a cps investigation. nothing was found and all allegations were dropped so he is now closely monitored when around the children and is seeing a therapist. back to the doctor. after he checked my daughter's anus he said that it looked like warts. he then gave my wife a phone number of someone who would know more about what was going on. my wife then came back home and called the number. an hour or so later while my wife was on the phone with the other doctor cps and a cop showed up at my door. cps asked us some questions and took some pictures. after the questions were finished cps took my daughter, then drove to my parents house and took my son who was visiting them. they didnt even give us the chance to defend ourselves. we tried to talk to the cps workers but they talked to us like we were stupid and already guilty. if you do not know anything about hpv then join the club. the only thing anyone can agree on is that it is transmitted from skin to skin contact. i have researched it extensively. from what i have read it can also be transmitted by scratching the infected area then touching someone else. if they have even the smallest open wound they can get it. seeing how my daughter has had terrible rashes and bleeding around both the anus and vagina, my wife and myself have of course checked them out to see if they have gotten worse or better. so she could have gotten it that way other than being born with it. i do blame myself for not being more informed about hpv before all of this. if i had known this could have all been prevented. luckily my father is the retired chief of police and now a city commissioner. my mother has worked in jails for years and attends court hearings. so she knows plenty of lawyers. apparently we have 2 choices in lawyers because of her. 1 is the husband of 1 of our 2 judges. the other use to be the other judge until this year when he lost the election. so we are in pretty good hands. if anyone else has been though something like this or has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. also if any of you happen to know a bit more about hpv that would also be greatly appreciated. sorry this was so long but it helps to get this of my chest and out into the open were hopefully people who are also dealing with cps care and can possibly help. thank u have a blessed day.

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Re: where do i start

Postby Beatthescammers » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:09 pm

CPS is an evil, logrolling industry that attempts to take anyone’s child so their own salaries/benefits can be paid by money from the federal government which is received for each child they put in foster care. Your child’s anus MUST have a PAP smear and the result checked by a laboratory that is not associated with lying, scamming CPS. This is the ONLY definitive way to tell if the bumps are genital warts or if they are not genital warts. Get an attorney and fight for a PAP smear to be done. Visual examination is VERY inaccurate and the doctor who examined your child may be involved in CPS logrolling/kickback referrals.

Diaper rash, the introduction of new foods, yeast infections and other problems can cause tiny bumps to appear around an infant’s rectum. There are very normal, tiny bumps around everyone’s anus and when there is inflammation in this area from a diaper rash or diarrhea, these tiny bumps become become red and get larger. Don't just believe what the CPS doctor stated. Demand PROOF through a PAP smear. Demand to see the lab result when it returns. CPS lies.

More than 80% of American women will have contracted at least one strain of HPV by age fifty.
Dunne EF, Unger ER, Sternberg M (February 2007). "Prevalence of HPV infection among females in the United States". JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association 297 (8): 813–19. doi:10.1001/jama.297.8.813. PMID 17327523

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