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Behavior Problems?

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:06 am
by HappeeBee
So, my scheming mom has been trying to do everything she can to prevent my husband and I from getting our kids back. Her lastest (and very expected) ploy was saying how she took our daughter to a doctor who said that she may have behavior problems.

I nor my husband have noticed anything previous or even current that cause us to be concerned that she
has any problems. I've read about Autism and ADHD and I know plenty about mental illness, none of which apparently her doctor is diagnosing her with. Her behavior is typical toddler behavior.

I told the case worker this when she and I spoke last week and she asked me I ever noticed that our daughter stares off sometimes. I told her no, that she has never done that.

Our daughter plays well with other children her age, is very friendly, and curious, and overall happy. Yes, she has the occasional tantrum when she doesn't get her way, but what toddler doesn't? And it isn't a full blown out ordeal I see some parents go through with their children making a show.

I know this is my mom just trying to say my daughter has a disability so she can try to get money from the state. I guess I wanted to ask everyone what is typical and non typical behavior I should look for?

I don't want to neglect anything that might be wrong with her, but I am also not going to entertain bullshit from DCF or my mom all because they are trying to build a case that just isn't there.

Anybody else dealing with this?

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:05 pm
by Beatthescammers
OMG. The caseworker or your mom is suggesting that your child is having a petit mal seizure (looking/staring off to the side). DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD GET A “SEIZURE” DIAGNOSIS FROM THE CPS PEDIATRICIAN. DEMAND THAT SHE BE SEEN BY A PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST. THESE IDIOTS MAY BE ATTEMPTING TO SEDATE YOUR CHILD WITH SEIZURE MEDS! Slowing your child down with seizure medications (if unnecessary in preventing nonexistent seizures) will cause her to have developmental delays and other health problems.

CPS may be trying to find an excuse to get your child prescribed seizure medicines to control her activity or "level" her moods. Some seizure medicines are used for this purpose IN MUCH OLDER INDIVIDUALS, BUT NOT TODDLERS. Lying about a toddler having seizures in order to get her prescribed seizure medicine should be a felony! ... re/DS00216

This article from the University of Michigan states to only worry about temper tantrums when they last under 10 minutes. Let the CPS monster argue with a university published article. Print it and give it to the witch if she starts it up with you about behavioral problems.

(I am a mental health nurse.)

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:09 am
by HappeeBee
Thank You so much!

I was told by CPC & my lawyer that they cannot prescribe her any medication without my husband & I's consent (the CW did say that she was really too young to be on any type of strong medication like that & asked what I felt about play therapy) .

We (especially my husband!) have already voiced that we will not be signing any papers allowing any doctor to give our daughter any medication unless its for infections or colds.

Thank you for the article too! I have been trying to find some to print off to take to court. It's not so much CPC pushing it, but my mom. She's had my daughter for the past seven months whereas I have had her for two years! I know my child and I'm not going to let some money hungry fools tells me that my daughter has a problem I know isn't there!

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:07 pm
by brookeycookie
My toddler was put on psychotropic drugs against my will, by cps. They had a small practice family doctor, MD, prescribe it without ever seeing a psychiatrist and based only on the foster mothers story of ny daughter throwing horrible fits. ....I voiced my opinion, tried to stop it legally, and just got smacked down by cps. They took her to a state psychiatrist who agreed its okay to have her on mess. I thought they had to have my consent. Wrong again. My daughters a walking zombie to keep her shut up.

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:14 am
by family_man
That's a disgusting story. What did they expect when they yank her away from her mommy?

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:51 pm
by susanheffley
My child has a legal document statement of special needs including challenging behaviour, has been seen by experts globally including expert Nero-developmental expert, cost me thousands, but I am having the opposite problem, my child was mis-diganosed, delayed diagnosis, and has been failed by health and education system, his human right's as a child to be educated and enjoyment to education are not being fulfilled, he has had no education for the past year, and no doctor for the past number of years despite all the things he is diagnosed, they are now contradicting each other and past report's so badly it's shocking, I have kept every single page, what role does government have when these systems are not following procedures and legislation, is there any human right's dept, for children who are regressing and being traumatised by the way these systems are treating them, I will go big time public, and name and shame everyone of them and they know it, I have consulted with many organisations and professionals, when they get it wrong it's the blame game, fault the parent, by abusing the categories of UNCIEF, if only people knew it is disgusting, I am consulting with many journalists and they tell me this is all too familiar, can these people get away with documenting fabricated opinions and information which can be easily rectified by factual documented evidence and professional witnesses, or is the whole system just corrupted are? are they a law above actual law? is anyone experience or in a similar situation

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:41 am
by LindaJM
Susan, this sounds like a matter to discuss with a medical malpractice attorney.

And as for the school system, you might want to file a civil rights complaint with the federal department of education - they will force the school to explain and defend their actions.

Re: Behavior Problems?

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:41 am
by susanheffley
Hi, this is Susan again, I am going through a terrible time, my child has high functioning autism/aspergers and has social anxiety regarding school, as they changed him from a school for sever learning disabilities which he was in for 5 years, to a special class in a mainstream school, the school didn't want to accept him as they knew they weren't specialised enough to manage him, but they had no choice or education would filed against them for not accepting a pupil, he never even made into the classroom, in all the months I had to take him there, the school is open access so anyone or child can walk in or out of the school, and it is located right beside to very busy roads with a lot of traffic so he would go into school and then when everything escalated, he would run away out of school grounds and run across the roads into the city and no one followed him, they said it's not their responsibility when he leaves school grounds, a workman who was repairing the roads caught him once and reported to me your child just ran across all the traffic and he cautioned him, my child's safety has been put at risk so many times, and I am told to drop him off outside school, I said who is going to take him into school and be responsible for him, where is the assistant 20hrs per week he is supposed to have as he has special needs, they had no assistance and the school told them they can't maintain his safety and education said you have to keep taking him, mornings I took him in there was no one in the classroom, no one came to take him from me I had to stay there and 20 mins later, still no one I took him home, I am told in writing by social worker it is my duty to get him into to school and ensure he remains there. I always thought parents got their kids to school and then staff come and tell parents to go on home and take over, should I have to stay in school?, you know I have seen nothing but classrooms since my child started school, apart from the special school, then they put him in a learning support centre over 30 miles away, I had to get him there, I have spent around one thousand this past month on travel expenses getting him there, and have to stay there to, now this placement he is afraid and hyper-ventalting on the journey to, when we went to see it he was restrained, and it scared him, when I take him in cab everyday, he panics and tries to get out of the car and run away in the middle of motorway and we can't continue the journey, it is not safe I have a behaviour anyalist working with me and his reccomendations are ignored, my child has to have pictures before he goes and a timetable with the whole day predicted before he goes, but when w get their this isn't followed through and everything goes the other way which results in him being anxious and not wanting to go the next day, I have statements from the cab driver and others, if you only seen all the paper work I have to do with inaccurate misleading information but professionals who are not at all trained in special needs, the cps don't bother about children's safety when the education department put it at risk, they only fault the parent and tell them you are not getting your child to school, this is going on 8yrs and my child has been misdiagnosed, but I keep every piece of information and document ever recorded about my child and they totally contridiacte themselve's and all the other dept's involved and I can highlight everything and put all that together, anyone who can read can see what's going on, I just don't know, when you challenge and fight, it works against you even though they have no right's so it show's you biased from top to bottom, I will go very public take all my evidence, at least the public can see what state education is in. I am a single mother, I have no criminal record, I don't drink, or anything else, I have spent my early twenties until now trying to make as much progress for my child as possible, when left on my own failed, by the doctors who didn't accurately diagnosis him I spent thousands getting him occupational therphy, and evaluations by experts globally, and these are not accepted, in this day and age children should have help when they don't like to wear certain clothes or the feel of certain shoes, when they won't get their hair cut and they interpret verbal language very literally like we are going straight him we have a whole frustrating tantrum I can't go straight home it's not possible I have to go up and turn left etc, you have to think before you speak and I do forget sometime especially when your in public and frustration hits as things are misinterpreted like a hotdog is a sausage in a breadroll it's not a dog. I am where I am now and I am working from here this is my only child and I have never dealt with anything like this ever before either have my family, I am trying to get the highest level of law there is but it is not easy and it takes time and in between all the meetings and paperwork, I have to keep on top of the haicuts and everything else, but I don't care I would never give up on my child, I will always be right there for him, and I will fight for however long it takes, children surely have human right's to receive services and supports and education to help them progress and grow-up, I am not understanding why his right to education and enjoyment of it is also not being met. I have no problem in going public I have and am doing my best, they like to have everything confidential, we will see about that I will have ever long it takes get to the national media, I am so digusted.