Alcohol evaluations

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Alcohol evaluations

Postby frontier » Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:56 pm

You can read my thread Could I be Charged for background of what happened. Basically I was drinking one night and the cops came cause neighbors said my music was too loud. I was told that it's ok to drink at home with a child, I never drive, I never go to bars, I do drink at home but have cut back now to just beer and wine occasionally.

Anyways the cops took my child for the night, social services looked into it and returned him the next day. They said they'd do no followup and weren't worried, I didn't have to sign a parenting plan or anything. My boy who's seven told the social worker that mommy drinks "beer" with friends and that's all he understood, but he said at times mommy talks "funny." He said to her I fell a few times and I know once I did drink and tripped so that's what he was talking about.

The social worker asked if I was a substance abuser, I said no. If I felt I was I'd get help but yes I do drink now and then. Well that night I blew a .18 which I hear is kinda bad. But I got the hospital records and it said I had no slurred speech and walked straight. I hadn't hardly eaten that day, I was working on a fence then my business so I had a bit of vodka my friend brought by and I got a six pack of beer.

I turned on music, neighbors who hate me video taped me. My son came out to tell me to turn the music down that night. I turned it back on. The cops were called and I went in the house locked the door to call a neighbor to witness, the cops barged down the door cause my boy screamed mommy answer the door. They took pics of my house which was messy at the time, I bought a foreclosure and was doing work all year on it. But this week was worse cause I was busy with my work, I'm self employed and there were dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor, dust and stupid dog made a mistake in my boy's playroom that we don't really use but toys were everywhere.

There were beer bottles on the counter I told them the prohibition ended years ago and it's not illegal to drink at home. That I wasn't endangering my son, I could walk straight etc. Anyways instead of court they basically put me in a corner and said they could charge me with child neglect because I didn't open the door and they didn't know why. Then the messy house. I wanted to fight but I can see that I can't.

So I signed diversion papers that will require me to participate in an evaluation by an alcohol center by this Friday. I'm not an alcoholic, but can they use the breath test from the hospital and anything else to try to prove that I am? The cops apparently asked neighbors and they've seen me drinking before, the neighbor that hates me was video taping me drinking with contractors while working on my house to purposefully get me one day the cop said. The cop said they wouldn't have done this to me if i'd opened the door now there was no choice.

If they somehow decide I need treatement will this be held against me in the future in regards to my son. I am a single mom, I have primary custody. The social worker basically said do what they say so my ex doesn't get my son and don't do this again especially with neighbors like this. I can have 2-3 drinks socially at home but that's it she said.

I feel this is a violation of my rights. Are they going to basically force me into treatment? They made me sign that I am subject to random US and BA's during the period I'm on the Diversion Program which is 2-6 months. The lady liked me and said I could complete everything in two months. Does this mean I can't have a drop of wine even during the period?

How can I pass the evaluation next week so I don't have to do treatment. I really am not an alcoholic.

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Re: Alcohol evaluations

Postby monkette31 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:39 pm

Well, if nobody else in your family doesn't tell them, then you shouldn't either. They will ask you all the drugs you have tried or experimented with, the more there are to tell them, the worse for you. They can label you a chronic drug abuser, if you told them for example you've tried anything stronger than pot once or twice.

I'm not sure, but it sure seems like you signed a caseplan with cps?...and it involves random urinalysis? whoa, they made me do one of those and it's basically an 800 number you call every night and if your letter comes up, you go and test the next day. If you skip or miss the day of test, programs mark it as a "dirty" test, reportable to court with repercussions as far as removing your child and placed into foster home. I mean what do you think they're going to do if they find one dirty for meth and alcohol (this is example), they surely aren't not going to keep the child in that parent's care. They are giving you enough room to hang yourself and it sounds like some social worker is giving you the run over. Best bet is to not drink a drop while any of this is going on.
I'm not a lawyer but will try and help you any way i can. My postings may seem harsh but they all stem from personal experience with DCFS. I am not a victim and take responsibility for my part in my life, but I will always help ANYONE learn about the corrupt sick system.

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Re: Alcohol evaluations

Postby frontier » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:18 pm

No the caseworker said I didn't have to sign a plan, this is because the police came only cause I had music up. They made me sign a diversion deal or go to court and I chose this. So yes they said random u/a's and ba's and I asked and it's after this evaluation friday and if the center wants they can make me do them otherwise it'd be just a class or two. I don't drink but a few glasses of wine. If the treatement center wants they can make me call in and etc. But if I don't say I've ever done drugs which I haven't I don't see how they can make me do any treatement do you?

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Re: Alcohol evaluations

Postby frontier » Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:45 am

They said based on what I told them which is the truth that I don't need any classes or treatment. The counselor said she didn't feel I had a problem with alcohol. I admitted I drink 2-3 times a week and the night this happened I'd drank beer celebrating a good day of sales in my business which is the truth. I have the hospital record to show her that I walked a straight line and that I could speak clearly, and that I stated I didn't feel I was endangering myself or others. There was a survelience camera that night and even the guardsman said I didnt appear drunk. I told the counselor I don't feel it was legal they held me for so called detox because I wasn't falling over, passing out, I could walk and talk straight and they said they had to hold me until I detoxed. They didn't read me my rights or officially arrest me. It doesn't show up as an arrest in the police records either. It seems they invaded my rights by all of this.

Neighbors who hate me might say I appear drunk a lot to revenge me. A neighbor testified to the social worker that she's never seen me drunk so I couldn't care for my boy. She said her kids were at my house a lot and she was too. She said the neighbors that said they were revenging me because of something that happened over a year ago when I called the cops on them and they sought revenge since. An attorney said should it go to court they'd be thrown out as witnesses if I could prove they were revengeful but the DA when the attorney called him screamed at him and said I'd better do this diversion program. The program is just four more weeks now, they said if I do everything they say it'll erase that this happened as for the police department, it'll show as dismissed per DA.

But the neighbors will be scrutinizing my every move, the social worker told me not to drink more then 2-3 drinks if my boy is present. She said it's not ok if there's only one adult in the house. And if I do have friends over to move it to the backyard. The cop said to me that he knew the neighbors were revenging me and took some videos of my drinking with a contractor that worked for me this summer. We weren't drunk just drinking and enjoying evenings after work. The cops refused to show up when the neighbors called cause of their intent but then I got mad yelled and the neighbors a few times and the neighbors took videos to the cops that had my son in the background and the cop said they knew they'd have to come to my house if a child was in the pic. So they'd show up, verify my son was ok and that was it. And the neighbors laughed and thought it was funny.

Either way I should stop drinking other then a few here and there and that's what I told the evaluator I do most the time. The summer was unusual because I had workers on the foreclosure I bought so we were outside more after work. I knew it was legal to drink at home even with children but it's not politically correct. I'm not sure what the so called videos show but they can't be that bad, we were just enjoying some evenings in the summer. My boy was always fine just hanging out at a neighbors or watching tv. Of course the two neighbors could collaborate their story and lie about what they saw not on video and they've done that in the past. They told the police I was a terrorist drug dealer everything under the sun... cops knew it was all wrong but now that it's gone to this they basically said now the two women who hate me have something on me so called.

it seems wrong... the neighbor next door has done everything, threatened to force me to sell my house, that she'd prove the house work was wrong, that my dog jumped a fence he couldn't possibly jump, that the dog barked, everything under the sun. The DA's office said this wasn't about drinking that they didnt' charge me with that. It's because I didn't open the door when they came for loud music, then my boy screamed to open the door and they had to see if he was ok. So they said the neighbors would have video taped this or they wouldn't have taken my son or me, but they had to check it out because of it. The social worker when done said the neighbors looked worse then me but she still said that I can't drink like that again, I agree it shouldn't be done but if it's not illegal how do they have the right?

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