kids gone without notice

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kids gone without notice

Postby chrissyandjesse » Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:07 pm

Why are you here?:
i feel as if our children were taken wrongfully, they went to our childrens school and interviewed our children without us knowing. before they even interviewed my 12 year old son they read him his miranda rights. They arrested my son from school, took my other children, went to my home where my mother was babysitting my youngest arrested my mom, took my youngest and then called us to tell us this all took place. we could do nothing about it. my oldest son spent 4 days in jail and then was placed in a non relative home where he knew nobody and has not seen or talked to his siblings since. he is still in non relative care 7 months later even when sufficient family members have stepped up and said they would take them. we were given copies of the interviews that took place that day after they convinced us that we would lose if we took it to trial. there was not anything in the interviews that should have given them the right to take my children in the first place.

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Re: kids gone without notice

Postby Gdebski35 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:13 pm

they convinced us that we would lose if we took it to trial.

they have a knack for doing this but in reality they do not want to go to trial on weak cases or on cases where they can see where they went wrong. It sounds like they did a lot of things wrong and as long as they do not get this in front of a judge then no one will really know.

Please do your declaration page and your Corrections of the Social worker report.
It is not clearly stated on this site but the social worker makes out a report before EVERY court date; make sure you get a copy BEFORE the court date so you can respond to it. Even if you do not get it until after just go ahead and make your corrections to it. You need to have your story HEARD on the record where it counts.

7 months in non relative care is torture in my opinion. Im guessing your lawyer is not doing her/his job so you must help your lawyer. Get the focus back on your children. Follow the specific steps given to you to get your kids back in your care. Do not necessarily tell the social worker you are doing them just do them so if it goes to trial you have a list of things that have made your family "better" so that the kids can come home as long as you can convince the judge that you learned form your mistakes and are doing things in a better manner you have a chance. Oh and seriously consider hiring an expert to give an opinion that your kids are better off in your care/(if that is the case) Make it clear to the cps worker and the judge that you want your kids back. If you do not make it clear they will assume that you are pleased with their placement. You must nicely and kindly pester them until you get what you need from them (your kids back). I hope it all works out. please update. have u got a trial date by now?

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