Foster Parent Over-Medicating Our Baby

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Foster Parent Over-Medicating Our Baby

Postby FaithfulGrandma » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:25 pm

This is my first post on this site. My granddaughter is 16 and has a seven month old baby. She was having a fight with her 15 year old sister, and my daughter called the police, and they took the baby. My daughter makes sure the baby is well taken care of. My granddaughter takes good care of her baby, too. The baby is healthy, but the foster parent has been taking him to the doctor and hospital and getting him on all kinds of medications. We wrote a letter to my granddaughter's and my great grandson's attorneys asking that the baby only go to our family doctors, that one of us be present at all medical visits, and that no medication or medical treatment be administered without written permission from his mother or grandmother. Next thing we hear, the baby is in the hospital. How do we file an injunction against this foster mother to stop her from giving my great grandson medicine he doesn't need? I think she might have Munchhausen by proxy. She thinks she is going to adopt our baby. He has only been in the foster home about three weeks and we are going to trial because no one has abuse or neglected this baby except CPS and that foster parent. Thanks :)

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Re: Foster Parent Over-Medicating Our Baby

Postby LindaJM » Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:05 pm

The foster parents medicate children so they can get more money for having a "special needs" child. I hope you can fix this. Try talking to your county commissioner(s) and lawyer.

See this page:
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Please keep in mind that none of us are lawyers and we can't give legal advice. We are simply telling you what we would do in a similar situation. It is to your advantage to get a lawyer.

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke ... so try to do something to change the system ...

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