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Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:40 pm
by Secret Victoria
I have three daughters and I just had my baby 8 months ago. Two months after she was born I was really depressed and sad and unhappy.. I tried helping myself, but it got worse and I took some Asprins about 10 to 15 pills and ended up in the hospital.
Two days later Cps showed up at my door and made me temp place the kids. I have done everything they have asked me to do, and they are still coming up with more things to keep my kids. I made a terrible mistake and I have never tooken drugs, dnt drink.. my kids are fed everyday, not suffering from malnutrition, no abuse, no neglect. And they are treating me like crap. Please help me.

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:09 pm
by whosechildrenarethey
Hi - Before I can offer anything other than general help more specific information would be necessary. What state is this happening in? Each state has differing statutes, codes etc... governing CPS. Did you voluntarily sign a Service/Safety/Case Plan and voluntarily agree to place your children outside of your home? I put my question to you this way because CPS plans are called by different names in various states. Have you signed anything for CPS? Or, has CPS Petitioned the court to have the children removed and placed in the temporary care and custody of the state pending completion of their investigation? What specifically is CPS alleging abuse, neglect?

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:28 pm
by Secret Victoria
Hello yes I have a case plan, And I live in Houston tx. My case plan is to take therapy once a week, parenting classes which I have done already And therapy will be done in two .more Wednesdays. I choose to where I wanted my kids to Uve with they let me do that. And I have to take drug test every month, and this is a temporary case, that's been going for five months. I have done a syco social , and I have seen mhmra they say I am fine. Now they want me to do a full mental help test I can't tell u exactly what it is called but basically another mental help test that involves tests results after wards. Hope that is helpful enough. Thank u so much hope to hear from u soon.

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:33 pm
by Secret Victoria
They never told me what they are allegating, no court is involved, and I did sign a case plan yes I did. Thank you.

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:35 pm
by Secret Victoria
I don't know what they are alleging abuse or neglect, should I ask.

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Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:00 pm
by whosechildrenarethey
Texas has one of the most detailed CPS Policy and Procedures handbooks I have found online. The link is here:

In my humble opinion, anyone doing services should know exactly why they are being asked by CPS to do so and what it is CPS is alleging. Likely the hospital called CPS when you overdosed resulting in CPS knocking on your door two days later. It sounds as though you are doing a:

Section 3332 - Parental Child Safety Placement

3332. Parental Child Safety Placement

CPS January 2013

When a child in a family-based safety services (FBSS) case can no longer be protected from abuse or neglect at home, the child’s family may decide to initiate a parental child safety placement (PCSP) by placing the child outside the home. (For example, the parents may place the child with the grandparents.) Staff may support the family but does not initiate the plan or make the placement.

When a parental child safety placement is made during the Family Preservation (FPR) stage of service, the caseworker must document the placement in the FPR stage in IMPACT under the Services and Referrals Checklist tab as provided in 2433 Making the Parental Child Safety Placement and document the detail that supports the making of the placement as a critical contact by the end of the next calendar day as provided above.

Except as provided below, FBSS staff must follow all of the policies related to PCSPs in the following policy section and its subitems:

2430 Criteria for Parental Child Safety Placements

2432 When a Removal Is More Appropriate Than a Parental Child Safety Placement

2433 Making the Parental Child Safety Placements

2434 Conducting Criminal Background Checks for Parental Child Safety Placements

2435 Conducting Abuse and Neglect Background Checks for Parental Child Safety Placements

2435.3 Safety Plan

2436 Ongoing Assessment of the Parental Child Safety Placement

2437 Closing a Case Involving a Parental Child Safety Placement

Apparently a PCSP may not run longer than 6 months without approval higher up:

2436.1. Extending a PCSP Past 90 Days

CPS March 2013

The requirements for the review process are as follows:

• If it is necessary to continue the PCSP beyond 90 days, the supervisor provides the reasons for the PCSP to continue in consultation with the program director (PD) or risk manager before the expiration of the 90 days.

At this point in the case, a discussion with the family must occur that explains the decision by DFPS and secures their agreement with the decision. If the parent and the caregiver are in agreement then the Agreement for Parental Child Safety Placement, Form 2298Word Document, must be reassessed and updated on a new form. If the family does not agree, the case should be assessed for possible legal action. The caseworker documents the discussion and outcome.

• A PCSP may not continue beyond six months unless staff receive written approval from the program administrator (PA) to continue the PCSP.

If the case extends beyond six months, a discussion with the family must occur that explains the decision by DFPS and secures their agreement with the decision. If the parent and the caregiver are in agreement, then Form 2298 must be reassessed and updated on a new form. If the family does not agree, the case must be assessed for possible legal action. The caseworker documents the discussion and outcome.

• The caseworker is required to meet with the parents and PCSP caregivers before the scheduled CPS consultations to give the parents and caregivers the opportunity to recommit to or discontinue a PCSP after being informed of the potential consequences of each scenario. These meetings are an opportunity for the caseworker to revisit the purpose of the PCSP or to clarify issues and concerns with both the parents and the PCSP caregiver.

Basically as far as I know, and I am not an attorney nor do I live in Texas, your participation with CPS up to now has been entirely voluntary. You suffered an overdose and CPS wanted to make sure you are stable and able to make good decisions on behalf of the children and maintain a wholesome environment for them. You would need to look at the safety plan you signed with CPS to know when it ends but aside from that obligation, you can quit any time. You don't have to voluntarily keep doing services if your confident that you are now 100% past that sad time. However, CPS may still have concerns and at any point in time that you decided you have done enough services and want your children home and stop cooperating with CPS, then CPS will have to decide if they agree with you or have enough evidence against you to take physical custody of the children and involve the courts in a legal case against you.

It's always a crap shoot with CPS and only you can decide how to move forward. The above referenced link will at least help you understand what CPS does, why CPS does it, exactly what their policy and procedures are and also to weigh what their actually doing in your case beside what it is they are supposed to be doing.

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:36 pm
by monkette31
Yes, I know they are treating you like shit.... Very rare to get a social worker to tell you what's really going on. You can do this and you will, just a few more months and because the issue of suicide is so serious, pretty sure they will try and max you out to the most time that they can keep them. All the policies and procedures and nice faces or mean faces don't really matter at this point.

It appears they are trying to help you but what's happening here if your mental tests that you listed so far are fine, as you suggested, is that they are going to keep giving you tests until they find the doctor or tester that fits what they want for your children. I am glad you got over your suicide attempt, in reality and if you thin of it from their persepective, how would it look should they give them back and you do yourself in and the children are left alone in that scary scene?

I think this is what they are not telling you. No way they are giving the kids back voluntarily until they are sure they are not going to be held liable, even if it was in a public forum. I think it's going to be a long haul and I know it's hard, but in a couple of years, this really has a chance to be OVER...just keep seeing your doctors and therapist and whatever else they have you doing.

It's not time to get righteous just yet...need more time and hang in there....

Here is the Texas cps manual that is updated almost daily by Jim Black. He is the owner of that website and probably could contact him through there. I am quite sure he will help you as well. Just remember, DON'T GIVE UP!!! and I know what you're talking about when you say they are treating you like shit.....

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:32 am
by Secret Victoria
So are you saying after 90 days they were souppouae to give me a PCSP hearing with the PCSP? Because may I say, my caseworker sat around doing nothing and it took two months before they gave me therapy, so that rolled over till now and I am just finishing my therapy in two wks. So is it still voluntary placement at this point? Its going to be 6 months on the 19. And when the investigator came to my house, yes she did say that I was voluntarily placing my kids, not CPS. And it is not .y fault that my case worker sat around doing nothing and it took two months to start therapy.
And no when we had that hearing with all of the dads and the caregivers, they did not ask none of us if we felt concerned about any issues with the children coming home, they made their own decision saying I need to get my baby sitting priorities in order, running my life of course. And to talk to my therapist about triggers which we have already done.
And my daughters grandma does believe I am pass that and ready for them to come home. We are in a agreement. So u say that, so can I bring that to my caseworkers attention? And can I bring up all of this u have said to me to them? Or no.
And as far as the approval to go lo her then 6 months for them to receive written notice approval from the program administration to continue services. Smh, they havent done that. This PCSP I have now the new one says November 8. So his can I find out and ask the program administration myself? Cause she ain't go tell me if I ask her any way.
And also, this PCSP I signed is a 2298 but it doesn't consists of any of the I formation u mentioned above. It has the many things necessary that they want that is not court ordered anyway....from what I've read fro. What u saying they have gotten all the way over on me...

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:19 pm
by family_man
Can you get a note from your therapist describing the progress you've been making, and hopefully saying that you're ready to have your kids come home? It would help you in court (if your case ever goes there), and it might even convince your caseworker that you're ready.

But yea, the PCSP is a voluntary plan.

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:26 pm
by Secret Victoria
Thanks I'll try that family man.. and also, from what I have said here about my case, do Anyone think that they will survive in court? And a letter from my therapist would look good if I go to court. Do u think Cps has enough grounds to take my go court? What do you think would stand strong other then the therapist note, that I can use. I mentioned one above, and to present the proof of an unfit parent, it does not apply to me, because I tried to help myself. Any more and the Cps hand book I've read..... do u think I have a great chance? Hit me up folks?

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:09 pm
by family_man
If CPS decides to take you to court, they will throw a bucket of mud at you to see what will stick. They may come up with a new set of allegations that you've never seen before, many of them exaggerations or outright lies. A good attorney will "discover" what those allegations are before your trial and develop a defense against them. However, a public defender is likely not going to have enough time to defend you properly.

You need to find out the definite end date of safety placement. If it's only another month or two, it's probably best to ride it out. It it's much longer than that, it might be worth it to unilaterally terminate the voluntary plan and get your children, despite the risk of being dragged into court. After all, it's not in your children's best interest to be separated from their parent this long. That's another thing that could help you in court: a statement from a psychologist that has seen your children discussing the psychological trauma they are suffering due to their placement away from their home.

Re: Temp Cps case three girls gone plez help

Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:35 am
by Secret Victoria
So are you saying to takes the kids to see a psychologist? To use in court. And as far as them coming up with new allegations, the court will buy that even when its not in the PCSP? That's balogny! But my kids have been away sense March 19, this year. The first family plan ended in June on the 19 and now I have a new one from then to November 8. Thats really long time away. Plus let me tell u this, I hit up my case workers supervisor, and I asked her about letting the program administration know And has he or she approved this because its pass 6 months. A d the info the first person stated above stated that on this forum. And I also researched everything that she did tell me and it says that in the CPS handbook in Texas. In family base safety services, as well I have been reading about this stuff for two weeks everyday. So I have the correct information about PCSP and family bases.
So when I asked her about it, she lies to new and says, we don't have an program director. Which was so funny, because I called the main number to her office right before I spoke to her, and left the freaking program director a message and its a Lady to call me. Lol isn't that ironic that she said that? So can I Bae that if this goes to court to?
And she also said something that isnt true, that they have been having this case for four months, no they haven't. I don't know what she is saying that for. My now eight month old had been on another case, she was in foster care that was at a another office. But not the four year old And my 12 year old. From my knowledge they have been have been having this case for about to be 6 months on the 19. And that's why she said in the new family plan November 8 that's balogny. The last case worker I had was at this office from the beginning till I got a new case worker and that's why she is saying that to me and out that on that new family plan. Does that even matter if that's the case? But its not, what she is saying is not true. And does this help that the fact that it took them two months to give me a case worker and prolonged this till only four months. That is four months that's not right at all, and can they do that? Hit me up please.

And I have an attorney that's going to represent me if this goes to court.