constipation and separation anxiety

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constipation and separation anxiety

Postby angelfire » Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:58 pm

i need help, i have posted on this site before and you guys really helped me. this time its a little more serious. my son is seven years old and i also have a daughter who is almost five. my son loves school and is ahead of his grade level. he has alot of friends and is doing great. i am so proud of him. about a year ago my father in law passed away and it had a huge effect on our family. we live two blocks away from my in laws and we are all very close. after my father in laws death my son regressed and his separation anxiety got worse which i think is to be expected. he didnt understand what was going on all he really knew was yesterday his papa was here and today hes not. my son has also had constipation issues his whole life and has a fear of sitting down on the toilet. this year he started messing his pants at school and the school would call me and i would bring him clean clothes and change him and leave. will he figured out that if he said he needed to go to the office they would call me and i would come up there. so he started doing it on purpose or even lying and saying he needed changed when he didnt. the school secretary called social services on me and a nurse contacted me and asked to meet with me to help us get help for my son. that meeting went great and actually helped us alot. well the stupid school secretary must of thought we werent doing things fast enough so she called on me again. the social worker went to the school and spoke to my son without my concent and he brought me a business card and said she wanted me to call her. so i called her. she said she needs to meet with me my husband and my daughter, she said she will refer me to a doctor and wants me to sign a waver so she can speak to the doctor about his progress. i dont like the sound of that. we have to meet with her on tuesday. what do i expect? should i get a lawyer? please tell me what i need to do ???thank you im desperate

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Re: constipation and separation anxiety

Postby whosechildrenarethey » Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:24 am

If you haven't already taken your son to his pediatrician to be examined due to his constipation and accidents at school you will want to do so immediately to rule out any medical issues that might be causing the problem. You can explain to your pediatrician what you have identified as precipitating the onset of your sons problem asking for the pediatricians recommendation if he finds nothing medically that could be causing the problem and then follow through with his recommendation.

If you can afford an Attorney I would encourage you to seriously consider obtaining one. CPS is a governmental agency out of control and while their stated mission is the care and protection of children, their true intentions are questionable. I would not speak with them without first speaking to an Attorney if you have the means to do so.

You failed to mention what state this is happening in but as a general rule the policy and procedures for CPS in your state can be found by searching on the internet. You will want to do so and you will also want to look up your State's Laws that govern CPS policy.

This is a link that will take you to a website that has a lot of good information about CPS and how they operate and what you can do to protect your family by being aware of the potential pitfalls of dealing with CPS.

Schools are mandatory reporters which is how CPS can go to your child's school and speak with them without your knowledge or consent before hand. The school called them and naturally they will then allow the interview of your child at school. There is nothing you could have done to prevent that from happening but you can start teaching your children it's alright for them to ask for their Mom or Dad to be there if pulled into a closed door meeting with anyone and to say nothing else.

Child Protective Services has to investigate all reports of child abuse or neglect and this is what is happening. Use the internet to look up your states statutory definitions of child abuse/neglect to see where they might be trying to put your circumstances into. They are investigating, they are on a fishing expedition and are looking at your family very closely which is why they want to meet with you, your husband and your daughter.

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