Daughter On Ventilator Because of CPS

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Daughter On Ventilator Because of CPS

Postby jdlewis262 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:31 am

My daughter has been seized by CPS from the mother for drug use. I am the non - offending parent meaning there are no allegations against me in court. I have been blocked from seeing my daughter for 6 months. I have only seen her twice.

My daughter has been placed with her grandma on the mother's side. This grandmother has successfully managed to have me framed by police in not one, but two instances. Once before I was arrested, I wrote the court and DCS telling them that placement with the grandmother was placing me at risk, and that I had police officers that were related to her coming by my home on multiple occasions.

Here is the kicker, the grandma got placement of my daughter becuase the mother was using drugs, but the grandma takes prescription hydrocodone everyday. So I ask you..... what's the difference? If a person takes a controlled substance they take a substance....

Here about 2 weeks ago my daughter was hospitalized with RSV (respiratory virus and Pnuemonia). Come to find out, 2 days before my daughters lungs started to fail she was taken to a hospital to visit her 4 year old cousin who had pnuemonia. She was also diagnosed with RSV about 2 months prior to being hospitalized....and was being taken to Anderson Community Hospital in Indiana, which is a shitty hospital. In the fact finding hearing I told the judge that my daughter needed to get to better hospitals in Indianapolis because RSV is supposed to only have a typical life of 10 to 15 days in an infant's system. My daughter is now on a paralyzing agent being tube fed on a ventilator because of the decision of DCS and judge to keep me from her, when there are no allegations of neglect pending against me. Hell, all the mother did was fail a drug test, my daughter was never neglected. she always had more than adequate clothing, food, etc. My home is well furnished, her bedroom is remodeled even though she hasn't been with me, I have all new appliances, flat screen tv, and her own account for disney channels on my roku 3 box.

My daughter is 9 months old and is overweight.....this is a strong indicator that the grandmother puts a bottle in her mouth any time she cries, and I am not talking about baby fat.

I want to sue DCS for almost killing my daughter. Had she not arrived at a children's hospital within 24 hours of when she did she would have died. If for some reason my daughter does not pull through this, I am going to ensure that each person responsible for such gets a free pizza delivered to their home.

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Re: Daughter On Ventilator Because of CPS

Postby missy8035 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:49 pm

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