No Investigation, Opened Sealed Adoption, Child Injured

A place to discuss the many medical issues that may come up during the course of a CPS case.

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No Investigation, Opened Sealed Adoption, Child Injured

Postby Kimber647 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:12 am

First Off Fight Cps Saved Us. I Never Dreamed It Would Happen To Me And My Child I Have Always Been A Very Gentle Mother. I had gathered information from this site for someone that was dealing with a very bad cps worker so when they showed up at my door I knew what to do (Thank You)and trust me he tried so hard to get in my home. He tried so hard to get me to speak to him, it didn't work. This angers them seriously bad. I had a nervous breakdown and placed my little girl with my ex sister in law I adopted my granddaughter when she was 3 after my daughter lost her 2 year battle. And I made sure it was a closed adoption that man had never laid eyes on her. This was my ex sister in law that wanted to make it legal so I couldn't get my child back she wanted to look gpod in the eyes of the church that she saved a little orphan. So when I got strong enough after being hospitalized I went and got my kid oh boy now this Cps Worker wrote a pick up order that every single reason was a lie that could be legally proved from hospital documents and schools that it was impossible what he stated. then a emergency hearing happened and the judge ruled my child not go back with my ex sister in law that she could go to her sisters house with me and have a support team this really angerd him so because there was another child in the house that had been in trouble 5 years earlier he came and ripped her from me he had opened the sealed adoption with out any of it goi.g back to the judge and shipped her to her biological dad on the other side of the state so i couldn't see her the supervisor over all of cps in that county witnessed this and was running to other citys after hours trying to help but because another county had jurisdiction he was froze. this was all 2 weeks before xmas so 3 days before xmas Itravel to the other side of oregon to a cps location get in a room and my little girl that had never been harmed or hurt in her live couldn't move her wrist or hand it was totally every dark color there is and goudges all over that had let her be in all that pain and infection from a dog attack Siberian Hudky I got a cps worker in there and made them get her to the hospital I finally got a upper level cps worker told her about opening sealed adoption and my child being hurt in their care my child was gone from start to finish 2.5 weeks we went to trial cps did everything to get it dropped before the court started my attorney should me a file with line after line of all the laws that cps worker broke that I had no idea about. I am trying now to start a non-profit advocacy to insure people's know what to do and use their constitutional rights people need to be informed so again Thank You.

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Re: No Investigation, Opened Sealed Adoption, Child Injured

Postby LindaJM » Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:46 pm

Hi Kimber, welcome to the forum!

I'm so glad that FightCPS was a help to you when the CPS case started, and it is good to read that you were able to save your grandchild and have her back with you now.

You've been through so much!

I hope that ex-sister-in-law learned a lesson about calling CPS. They never do what you expect them to do. It is so much better when people can just get along with each other and work things out in a friendly way rather than calling government agencies to try to grab a child from someone else.

Good luck setting up that non-profit. I've looked into doing something like that with FightCPS... but the cost of doing it in California (where I used to live) was way out of my price range.
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