Medical kidnapping! Any help woul be appreciated.

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Medical kidnapping! Any help woul be appreciated.

Postby Jennafer73 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:22 pm

Please read and share with everyone.
I am the baby's Grandma. ... 40420169:0 This is the link to the text message and his Facebook Page.
Ryker was born 14 weeks early. He was in the hospital for almost four months after he was born. He was born October 17, 2015.
CPS came to the house with allegations that were proven to be false when she got here. The person that reported it had never even been to our home. DHS found the house to be emaculent. Two of the other accusations were that my daughter had sleep apnea and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but wasn't on medication. These are true, but she was waiting till we got the baby home to schedule a sleep study. As far as the bipolar disorder goes, she has been asymptotic for two and a half years.
This was all when she was at the house in December. She gave us a gas card when we went to the office one day and we exchanged a text message.
Ryker was still in the hospital.
He was discharged and had an apnea event after home 18 hours.nWe immediately called 911. She had no further contact with either of us until February 11, 2016 when she showed up with a deputy and we we're served a petition for removal. The reason stated is "medical neglect". We still can't understand how calling 911 is neglect. Ryker had previously had an event like this in the hospital on February 1st and he was coming home on the 2nd. He didn't come home due to the event and they discharged him 5 days later.
My grandson has been in foster care since February.
Is there any media coverage you can give this issue. It may help us to get a decent attorney.
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