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what can i do about this???

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:50 pm
by matmewdrw
Well last year my children had gotten taken from me i got them back in dec of 04.well when i got my daughter back she was 7 months old and couldn't sit up or roll over she couldnt do anything that a normal 7 month old could do. Later i found out that they (the foster parents) just put my daughter in her crib all the time and didnt help her in her development they had her for 6 months. cps had setup for the eci(eairly childhood intervention) people come to there house but the foster parents only allowed them to come once a month if that, because it didnt fit in there schedule. but the big thing that i found out that cps didnt tell me was my daughter was delayed because of a brain hemorage she had. shes fine i had to take her to the dr and send her to a specialist after i found out but they didnt think it was a big deal to inform me. the foster parents knew about that and did nothing there is no paper from any dr saying that she has had been to a specialist for the hemorage. Well I feel like something should be done to the foster parents because of what they did to my child. They were supposed to take care of her and do what is best for her. Instead they did nothing while she was being held back because she didnt go with there schedule. These people are a nurse and a judge you would think they could have done something right ......well since i got my daughter back she has almost caught up because eci has come to my house once a week every week and i have been working with her thats all she needed....So what i wanna know is what can i do because i dont think they should get to be foster parents anymore if they dont do things for the best intrest in the child


Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:17 am
by kdddav'swife
How old was your daughter when she was taken? Do you have hospital birth records and/or records from any medical check ups she had before? If so I would dig them out. If they basically say that she was healthy then they could be used to help prove that this happened in foster care. I would also advise you to see what, if anything, was written about her muscle tone. My two youngest daughters both have hypotonia (low muscle tone) and the youngest one did not sit up or crawl till about one year of age. She did not walk till she was two.Apparently both girls were born with hypotonia. I hope you can afford a good attorney. If so, give them whatever records you possess and go after those S.O.Bs.

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:25 am
by matmewdrw
well she was only like two months when she had gotten taken from me and put with these foster parents..
she had a brain bleed thats way she was delayed it was in the left side of her brain the dr i took her to after i had gotten her back said that it wasnt a big bleed but they dont know what the effects are that will happen later in life from this ..
they could have taken her to the dr but i got all the paper work from my case and theres nothing from any dr saying they had taken her...
i didnt have any papers from any drs saying she was healthy before she went in because she had just turned two months old the only papers i have are from the hospital after she was born ..
so should i just forget it cause the lawyer i asked said i cant prove it so theres nothing he can do they will just say i did that to her

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 8:03 am
by kdddav'swife
No do not just forget it. Perhaps a doctor can look at her (or give her some kind of test like an MRI) and give an approximate time period for her brain bleed. You never know, sometimes they can. I would still go back to the hospital. I am sure that they still have her records there. Get a complete copy of them, as she would have at least been examined by one of their pediatricians.

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:32 pm
by Frustrated
MRI or Brain Scans, can pinpoint the Timeline, because the Bones forms around it, and had developed around the fractures, and if it is completely healed, it happened long ago. IF it is not completely healed, that means it just a recent injury. The Doctors can pinpoint the time line, just like Bones tells you a Tale through the X RAY. It tells the truth.

So if the injury happened in their Care, the Foster Care Parents, then the 'Foster Care Parents are the cause of that injury because the injury is recent. If the injury happened a long time ago, after its birth, or before birth? Could it have happend with Forceps? Forceps, it can do irreplacable harm to the Brain and can cause Brain Hemmorage. Find out where the Baby was born, and what Doctor used, what kind of tools, or if it s a natural birth, sometimes the Vaginal Bones can push the Brain, and cause some damage during Birth. They cannot blame you for that Birth. It just happens. If it is after the Birth, we need to find and pinpoint the Cause? Baby hit head on the Crib Edge, can cause a minimal damage to the Brain, it is an accident. It happens to several parents. Check research on Brain Hemmorage, sometimes it is associated with SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They could have died, but lived, but caused Brain Damage or Bleed. Find that out. Anything could happen.

Collect EVERY Medical Record that your Baby had with a Doctor, any nurses, any Pedictrican, it is very important, because in the Medical Record, it has a check for healthy or not healthy, or whatever. They always check the Baby's Temp, Heart beat, Blood Pressure, it is very important, because with the Brain Bleed, it cause the Blood Pressure to rise. IF it did not rise during the Medical Check up, or during the Birth, the Blood Pressure would tell a Tale. EVERYTHING COUNTS!

Request Hospital Records where your Baby was born.
Request Medical Records from your Pedictrican Doctor.
Request Medical Records from any Doctors that was in your Baby's Care.
Do research on Brain Hemmorage, SIDS, and everything. Do everything possible to educate yourself.
Also request Case Files from CPS< and Foster Parents' Records, where they went for Doctors, and request those Records.

You can mail a letter to the Director of Social Services< NOT CPS, to request your Complete Case Files from CPS>.

Another way to have Case file, is to have it subpoeaned by the Judge, Courts.

Hope this helps.