Shaken Baby Syndrome vs. Medical Illness

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Shaken Baby Syndrome vs. Medical Illness

Postby ProudParents2 » Tue May 22, 2007 9:31 am

My son was diagnosed with SBS on March 3, 2007. My two kids have been in foster care for 2 1/2 months. We think he had/has a medical reason for the symptoms of SBS. He also was given his shots when he was sick. I was unaware that reflux was considered being sick. We also think there was some malpractice going on. My son had reflux from day one. It took the doctors 2 months to diagnose and 4 months to get him on medicine. By then it was too late. The same month he was put on the medicine he got very sick. He was lethargic, had to console, vomiting everything, hard to wake and much more. We took him to the ER 3 times before they would look at him the right way. They did a CTScan and found what they thought was a clot. The doctor then gave him Lovenox, which is a blood thinner. The next day the new doctor came in and said that they were going to stop the medicine because they were not sure if it was a clot or a small bleed. They then did an MRI and found that he had a layer of blood (which they failed to tell us). The Lovenox can cause intracranial bleeding and hemorhaging. They did a full body x-ray of his bones. They found a healed fracture of the 10th rib. I recently found out that they were giveing him Potassium Chloride, which makes me think he had low patassium. Low patassium can cause fractures. He had old and new fluid on his brain, this we do not know where it came from. All we can guess is that he had a small bleed from being dehydrated and his brain fluids were trying to protect itself. If anyone who reads this has ideas for an Expert doctor to look at my son and his records or have had a simliar experience let me know.

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Postby alleycat1965 » Thu May 24, 2007 10:20 am

I can relate to how you feel. My daughter had a subdural and they tried saying it was SBS, but then they said it was a stroke and it was birth trauma. We still lost her for two months because the CPS worker and her supervisor did not do the right thing, even after we had medical evidence we had not abused our baby. What does the state of michigan say? We're sorry, but that doesn't make up for the 2 precious months we lost with our baby and for all the extra expenses we had to pay for lawyers, gas, etc.

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Postby FINN » Sat Dec 15, 2007 9:23 am

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Re: Shaken Baby Syndrome vs. Medical Illness

Postby JonathansRock » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:52 am

I have read that parents have been accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome because of a reaction(brain swelling) due to adjuvent(aluminum, peanut oil has GRAS status and the FDA has approved the manufacturers don't have to list it as a vaccine additive---even though a doctor proved in a case last year/2010 that the child patient he had had SBS symptoms due to vaccine allergic reaction of UNLISTED peanut/other oils in the vaccines his patient was given when CPS took child and accused parents of SBS) allergies in vaccines. I hope this helps and google should also help.. Here is a start

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