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Postby rakhel » Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:50 am

My 16 yr old is autistic, a very high functioning autistic, but still autistic. Due to things she had done in the past, my husband and I decided to home school her.Now while in foster care she apparently has been given a choice between education and family, in which case she chose education, which also states she remain in foster care even if she siblings come home.
Do I have any say this? She is 16, very articulate, intelligent but still autistic.
I did not give birth to my children just so someone else could raise them!!!

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Re: Question

Postby Momoffor » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:32 am

I dont know the severity of your daughters autism, but my 16 year old autistic is high functioning, But is on the fence between functioning and not. He depends on me to be his voice. He doesnt talk to those he doesnt know, doesnt have anything to say to those he doesnt trust. He depends on me for all of that. The relationship that we have people find interesting. For instance in his IEP meetings, they will be talking about a program or his options, Since he wont talk to them or answer them, to get his opinion, I only have to say one word. His answer will be noises, and I am able to tell them all the little details of how he wants things done.

The last meeting, the school social worker stopped the meeting half way through to ask me if we had just communicated and had a conversation. I told him we did. He told us that it was fascinating how we were able to do that.

My point to all of this is, if anyone were to EVER attempt to remove my son, his world would be over. He would never be able to stay on that functioning side where he is at now. He would also go into rages and either harm himself or others because of the trauma. His doctors all find our relationship intriguing and all know how it 'works'. They would all testify in a heartbeat that change is BAD, and what and where he knows is best. HOME. (I couldnt even imagine what he would do if ever presented with a removal, but it wouldnt be pretty) The regression that would be caused by it, may not ever be fixed either. It took me YEARS to get him to where he is at now after the damage that one school and a group of so called educators did to him back in 3rd grade.

I would start contacting all of her doctors, past and present, to give documents that being home is the BEST thing for her in order to maintain her function in a so called 'normal' world.

What is the reason that they are giving for her remaining in foster care even if the others go home?

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Re: Question

Postby sethcroy » Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:10 pm

C.P.S took my daughter for poor weight gain. The social workers, judge, and the attourney would not lissen to the pediatrition about there no consern on the weight of the baby. And that there suppose to add the two pounds that the baby lost during the stay in the incobator to the weight she had weighed at the time.The social worker did not do so now were doing everything that is being asked. So what can I do to help my daughter and I. They would not even give me a chance at being a father for my first time.

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