What do I next??

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What do I next??

Postby RainDE » Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:01 pm

I posted this earlier in the newcommers section. Im trying to find out what I can do to correct these problems. whats the next step? :!: please help!

had my baby at a local hospital and cps came that same day and said they were taking my baby. I really didnt get much explanation other then they thought I was under control of the father. I previously had put a protection order on the father and took it off about a month later. he was never arrested for DV but I had called and the police refused to let me make a report telling me I was lying and they thought maybe mental because the father(Dan) told them I was crazy and hallucinated everything(nice guy huh?!!) well that was back in Dec-january. After around Febuary he managed to straighten up, I still didnt let him live with me, but it was planned that he could be some part of his kids life because he was doing so well for so many months. any time he started to push towards the boundary line I let him know about it and wouldnt let him cross it. My baby was born late august. he went to the hospital with me and was not allowed in to the delivery room even though he hadnt done anything. they made me be alone and seperated us. It wound up being an emergency c-section after more the 13 hours of labor. he was no where and they wouldnt tell me what happened to him. it turns out they had the police escort him of the premises for no reason. cps took the baby right from the hospital. I was so upset that I left the hospital the 2nd day after the c-section because I needed to know what was happening. I was on my bike by the 6th day after surgery(I was supposed to be on bedrest). I just had to find out how to get my baby back. they wouldnt really give me any reason other than I was a victim. Two days after my baby was taken the father left the country- he could not handle it and said that cps kidnapped our child and that it would be no use to try to get him back, he left it all to me. cps called my mother and she made up a bunch of lies stating that I was retarted and not capable of raising my child. I thought I had a chance to proove I wasnt retarded. I went to visits and they told me I would need a psych eval. I didnt know what was going on but thought it would prove I was fully capable to be around children I thought visits were going well, he was a newborn so pretty much all you can do is hold him. My mom told them I have fetal alcohol syndrome. I have never had any symptoms but she thinks I have it. 2 months later I finally got my trial. It was unbelievably biased. in the end they said that I needed a sych eval because they said they needed to make sure theres nothing wrong with me, so I lost my trial and am waiting for the court orders. They are ordering me to a psych eval and parenting classes as well as other stuff they are supposed to tell me next week. my attorney has been trying to get me to agree to the dependency the whole time. saying I shouldnt have gone to trial. But I truly believe there is no risk to my baby being with me. I spent thousands on preparing for my child(if you include extra rent for a two bedroom apt and vitamins as well as everything he needed for the first 6 months) I have no history of drugs/alcohol or violence, I have no criminal history. this is my first child. they say if I do everything they tell me to I'll have him back in about 9months to 1 year. the next sych eval available(theres a wait list on all of the people they accept) will be the end of december or the begining of january. The judge I had I thought was acting as though she really really wanted cps to win. she struck very key testimony from the record from a friend of mine saying that shes never seen me act mental or retarded. stating that my friend was not a mental health proffessional and she accepted testimony from two case workers that saw me all of two or three times at 15 minutes each- they said there were significant cognative problems and mental health issues. but then when cross examined one of them changed to say that I seemed to understand what she was saying, and that I was able to express myself well. they kept talking about how Im a victim of domestic violence and therefore cannot protect my child. they BOLD FACED LIED and said that I didnt know how to put pants on a baby, so therefore I wouldnt put clothes on my baby in the winter if I won the trial. ITS NOT TRUE!! I havent had any children, but Ive been taking care of myself for 11 years(since 18) I have no debts and no other issues. How could I not understand how to dress a baby??? they also said I was endangering my baby by bringing breastmilk to a visit. I not only researched how to keep breastmilk safe online and in 2 books, but I was also directed by hospital staff before AND after leaving the hospital to do so, as well as these kind people who let me borrow their pump(I didnt use their used peices I bought new sterile ones). CPS did not ask me anything about the breastmilk they just told me that I wasnt allowed to have it, and seemed angry. When I testified that I knew what I was doing with the breastmilk the commissioner threw it out saying that I just said that to sound like I was doing the right thing and that I was saying what I thought she wanted to hear, and that I didnt really know about breastmilk. they deemed me uncapable of caring for a baby without any other evidence besides what I just described. I just cant believe I was deemed uncapable. Usually I am a very independent resourceful person. They asked me at one point if I had ever been homeless because my mom told them I had and I had responded that I lived in a campground for about 5 or so months to learn survival skills, live car free, and consume less while being around wildlife. at the ending arguement they said that I "even admitted to being homeless and therefore Mrs_________ cant take care of herself let alone a helpless baby." I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Also the judge said that she saw that I was giving looks as though I couldnt understand what was happening in the court room proving her suspicions about me having cognitive difficulties. In reality I tend to give looks of confusion when people are lying about me. Anyway that is my story so far. Oh, yeah the father turned out to have a criminal record I didnt know about that involved a deadly weapon/sexual assualt and they really rubbed that in, but hes no longer living on the same continent as me.

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Re: What do I next??

Postby annakenc » Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:24 pm

And these social workers...I guess they like to practice medicine without a license...you remember who they were who like to label you with psychological labels...but be careful...don't let them know you're doing it...they love to retaliate.
HANG IN THERE! I hope it will get better soon...btw what state are you in?
The nearly same thing happened to me in MD...what a hardship when even your family turns against you...same thing happened to me...keep posting!
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