cps abuse

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cps abuse

Postby pooma » Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:11 pm


Hi, im a 36 year old male with four girls and one boy and cps has ruined one of my girls and working on my others.Ive been investigated at least 20 times and all unfounded.Ive had about enough!Its all about money and power.They could give two SH_ts about the kids.As you see im very upset.My kids lack nothing.I need help with cps but dont no how to take care of them B_sterds .I cant afford a lawyer every time im turned in.I no longer trust the schools or anyone.

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20 Investigations ???

Postby Michael » Thu Nov 01, 2007 6:06 pm

First be aware that I am with Texas DFPS in the CPS Division.

In Texas if three or four reports have been received and Ruled Out all additional reports with the same allegation would be reviewed by the assigner\reader and PN(ed). That means not assigned for investigation.

If you have that meny closed cases I recommend contacting the local head of CPS and discussing the matter.

Also in Texas it is a criminal offense to file a false report. The District Attorney is the one who would file the criminal charges.

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Postby debbiescalese » Fri Nov 02, 2007 4:59 am

Your probably a damn good cps worker but not all are like you. I have come across some really good social workers but I've come across others that just really drop the ball. You can't get all the bad parents, you can't fix every problem and sometimes your going to mess up, your human it happens! The problem I see with at least 2 of the workers I've encountered is that sometimes they side with the child for the wrong thing then when they realize that they may have made a mistake they cover it usually with lies and sometimes these lies become the problem and give rise to even more problem then they have a mess and the family gets distroyed. In my case one child got one hell of a lesson on how to use the system to get what you want, which isn't necessarily good considering what she wanted wasn't good for her. the ohter child now believes that no person in power will protect her and that these cps people only serve the purpose of hurting her. It didn't have to be like that. Instead of them working against us the could have worked with us to find out what was really going on then worked from there but no they just worked as if it was going on and it blew up on the kids involved. They did not help any of these kids they hurt them. Sometimes they get things right but sometimes they get things wrong and don't want to admit they goofed up. I try to teach my kids it is okay to make a mistake but you admit you make one and clean up the mess and learn from it. A mistake is just an oppertunity to learn something new. Take responcibilty for you mistake and learn. I guess thier parents never taught them that. Because they seem to make the same mistake over and over again and then cover it up and never take responcibilty for that mistake. They never seem to try to fix the mistake they made no matter how much evidence comes to light to show they made a mistake.

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Postby katgotsteve » Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:47 am


when my case began and we went to trial, even the lawyer for DFACS said in open court, "we know this child has lied in the past from allegation like this, we know we have no physical proof, we no we have no real reason to believe her, but it is our duty based on a slim chance that she is telling the truth that we believe her and punish this man. we have to err on the side of the child." the erring they did, cost my daughter any contact with her father, no phone calls, no visits, nothing for 4 months. then she got limited contact, then one year after doing this, they just stopped, the court order lapsed, so they said, the case is closed. i nearly lost my family, my daughter lost her safety net, she was taken from a man who was a real dad, someone who changed her diapers, held her when she come into this world, a person who has been there for her from day one. this man was not a sperm donor, he was father and based on society as a whole men like this dont come around very often.
if you look for ways to help your families, then you are a good worker, but lets face it, there are also the quite a few bad ones. i too had a good one with my case, though she left before it finished for another position. she had experience and common sense, which alot of cps workers lack. the policy of "err on the side of the child" should be abolished and be replaced with "err on the side of family". it is my feeling if cps were an animal, they would eat their young. they often turn on foster families when an allegation is made, they often take on the sport of covering their asses when things slip through crack. the few workers and supervisors that want to change things often get replaced and disappear after a few months. i know that is just in my area, but i have watched 48 hours alot and it seems that texas cps has made that show alot in the past few years. one case going wrong is bad for the whole department. if yall make one mistake and remove children, then you have changed those children's lives and most of the time not for the best.

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Texas CPS

Postby Michael » Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:36 pm

Yes Texas CPS does have a lot of problems and many of them are because of the State Legislature and the laws they pass. The members of the legislature have never gone out to interview families and children. They have passed a law that the investigation must end with a finding at the end of 30 days. In many cases this does not give the family adequate time to present facts and witnesses to the investigation worker. Then the legislature have mandated that all cases with any risk be transferred to Family Bases Services. In my area there are six workers for two counties. About 300,000 individuals. These workers have six months to work with a family then close or remove the children.

Yes there are bad or unsuitable workers. As soon as it is realized that a worker is not the right person for CPS they are eleminated as soon as possible.

In Texas any one involved in a CPS case can always ask to have a meeting with a Supervisor, Program Director, or the state OMBUDSMAN.

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Postby debbiescalese » Sun Nov 04, 2007 3:53 am

So Micheal, when you realize that due to the limited time you jumped to a conclusion that was wrong and now that your into the case your pretty sure you were wrong what do you do? Do you close the case or do you ignor the evidence and go after these not so bad parents anyway? What I had happen when evidence started coming back in my favor 1) origional social worker transferd the case to another less qualified worker with less experience. 2) actually got a psychologist to pretty much make a false psychological exam results proven by second psychological exam I had done per the therapist request due to the fact the first made no sense 3) I was lied to I mean concrete I could point out on paper what the lie was 4) I was threated with removal of my children yet told I was not a monster or bad parent 5) I was offered or shall I say told to comply with services I didn't need and the providers of said services kept asking me what they were suppose to be there for and telling me they see no problem 6) The prosecutor actually stands up against cps in the mdt for us, and is desprately trying to get us to plea to anything so he doesn't have to prosecute it and look stupid in front of the judge.
I'm actually told and have seen on here this is normal becuase cps will never fess up to making a mistake. No matter how much damage they do or how many lives are ruined.

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Postby Michael » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:25 am

In Texas CPS court cases have no relationship to any pending legal cases. They are handled by completely different divisions within the DA office.

When I receive a case and find that the investigation division made incorrect assumptions or did not do a good investigation I close the case if there is no risk to the child or children. I then recommend to the family that they request a administrative review to change the decision of the investigation from Reason To Believe to Unable to Determine or Ruled Out.

It is possible to have a case in which the final decision is that abuse did occur but the person who did so is UNKNOWN.

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Postby eyeq181 » Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:42 pm

Okay I got one for you.

11 amost 12 years ago. I lost my now 13 year old for taking him to the hospital with a toothache. They called it neglect because I didn't take him to the dentist during the day. His tooth didn't hurt earlier.

Well my son was in the system for 18 months. It took that long to find out rather or not he needed to be there in the first place. The Darlie Routier trial was going on with the same judge as mine, and the caseworker I guess didn't want to go with another judge. That trial finally ended or moved, and I watch 5 cases go on where the parents didn't even show up.

Talk about a pissed off Judge.
The caseworker had 18 month to investgate me and this is what they came up with.
Mom neglected to take child to dentist to get tooth removed earlier in the day and took child to the hospital.
Mom is young. I was 20 at the time
Mom own a dog that barks and may become vicious some day (a dalmation PS... they bark at everything)
And mom looks tired.
Oh yes they didn't like my job either. ( I was a stripper, paying my way through school) People get the wrong impression of that job. Alot of people thing that it's about sex, drugs and rock n roll. Coming to find out it's not really. And becoming more acceptable. Alot of people at unaware that they randomly drug test you and if you test positive your fired.(I held this job for 7-8 years) 2. You actually draw a paycheck. 3. You won't lose your job if you or your kids get sick. You can take off for months and still have a job waiting for you. Oh and you can actually pay for things. Working for min. wage as a single parent makes it hard to survive. Making $300 a shift makes life simplier. I was able to retain a good lawyer no problem. I have seen so much ignorance when it comes to this way of life. First impressions are not always correct.

Oh I love this one drugs lead to other drugs. In my case they don't. No legal ones that is. I smoke Cigeretts (now are concidered drugs)which I guess lead to my caffine addiction. (Love Dr Pepper).
So according to the drugs lead to other drugs in say 18 years I will be addicted to herion. Oh and now they are also saying that if your parents do drugs you will to.

Well my dad, smoked pot once with elizabeth dole at his retirement party. So I get to look forward to that too smoking some pot with John Kerry's wife, 25 years from now.

So while I had time I did the parenting classes.
And a mental evaluation.
Needless to say the Judge ordered my son to come home and gave them a 60 minute time limit. I have never seen a judge cry before. The Judge keeped saying how sorry she was. And the caseworker, and the investagator were both fired in court.
If I knew now that you can fight I would have sued.

If I had only known how this system is before my dad retired from being the inspector general, trust me would have made him change it. It was just ironic that he died write before my case opened.
Parents spend so much time teaching our kids not to go with strangers or talk to strangers, and no to show your body to strangers. And this is what CPS-DHS is all about.

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