without them i just cant

How does one recover from trauma and PTSD? This area is for people who have been attacked by CPS and are having a hard time getting over it.

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without them i just cant

Postby dadyzgirl1975 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:03 am

Yeah Imlost
[color=#800000] What happened here. this cant be right.i still feel them. i still see them. especially at night. im so lost. im not gonna be ok... ive lost my most important fight.
dont make this a big deal. just move on. you know how. you've done so before. come on it's who you are. its all you know... dont ask why anymore. its just your fate....

wait.....what did you say. this cant be real. how could this be. who are they talking about, thats not me.
the truth is supposed to set us free. if so why am i alone. why are they gone and where did they go.....

leave this alone and let it be. accept it already. unless you want more....you thought maybe everyone would see. exactly just what they mean. yes to you they're more then life just like its supposed to be. you expect too much. now do you finally realize. or maybe you dont want to see. whats done is done. just go. start off new. if anyone can do it. its gonna be you...what is it you cant understand. did you think you are the one they'll believe. you know better then that. none of that is for you. now are you ready to finally let this be[/color]

what do you mean say good bye...they no longer need me. they cant do this to us i promise ill never be the same, theyll miss me and think i left them behind. i cant get back up on my feet..not without them its just too much. im just so weak...wait... what if i do this..or how about that..maybe if i...

there you go again. thinking that lie. let them go. there's nothing else you can do.come on just let go....

..... but maybe....just one day....just one more time. let me tell them i love them, i have so much to say, let me touch them, let me hold them, let me feel them breath, theyre mine please please...

forget that too. dont ask anymore. dont look back. dont think about it....you only have one thing left to do so just take a deep breath. close your eyes. grab real tight.... now exhale. your there this is it no more pain, no more hate, just darkness and space....you finally did something right.

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Re: without them i just cant

Postby hurting-confused » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:24 pm

I can not begin to imagine how you feel but I see how much your children mean to you and the pain deep inside. Please do not give up, one day you will be reunited. Buy cards and write to them, save them. Keep a journal and the day you are reunited they will know that you did all that you could and how much you love them. Find a support group in your area, I have and it helps to befriend people that have been thru similiar situations. People that haven't been thru your situation may mean well but have no idea how you feel. I have been thru somewhat of what your going thru and know the pain all too well, deep inside and can't even cry, don't know how to relieve the pain. I have a support group that has helped me and I go even when I don't feel like it. Just know that you love your children and no one can take that love away and you know the truth. I believe lies are eventually exposed and the truth comes out. Have Faith God can and will bring you thru this

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Re: without them i just cant

Postby noroses4u2c » Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:53 pm

I know.

I'm lost, too.

You are feeling the way you should after going through this. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
My child was abducted by the government. They demanded a ransom (the case plan). I paid the ransom and my child was kept anyway. It isn't much different from stranger abduction except that the government uses its power to make the abduction legal and unpunishable.

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