Is there a legal document I can start with in the State/ NE

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Is there a legal document I can start with in the State/ NE

Postby bigjoey38 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:57 pm

Hello all

I will try to make this as short as I can..

I have a x-daughter in law that lives in the next State. She has a total of 5 children, which one is my 10 year old grandson. There is no stability in there home. They have move so many times that the kids have not been able to stay in a school to make it within 2 grades..Well the s>> hit the fan about a month in a half ago when her daughter (13 yrs old) told her she was sexually abuse by her step dad ( x daughter in law husband) . It was reported to police and he was arrested 2 days later. They supply have evidence on computer and so forth.. During this time they move to another location within the State. My grandson had spent time with us over the summer to include time with his dad. Mine you the kids range in age of 13,10, 5,3,2.. When we would take out grandson back to his mom he cried and since it was a 6 hour drive he would want to stop at every rest stop. It was not because he needed to use the restroom but it was to delay him from going home... I felt really bad for him but we did not want to break the law...Well early this week there mom had to be admitted to the hospital and the kids had no where to go.. Luckily there other grandfather was able to stay with then for a few days.. She is home now but my understanding is she had to go to a hearing for CPS? Not sure what that was about but I think it had to do with the kids being awarded to the state is something was to happen. Today she had to go to the hospital again for medical reasons.. I am not sure what exactly is happening but
I know she is not well... IMO the kids are not being taken care of the way they should be....I have a letter ready to go to CPS with what me and my wife can offer for our grandson. Its not about taken him away from his mom, but I don't want him to be a statistic. My CPS also and has spoken with a case worker..not to sure what is happing there.. My x daughter in law has full custody.... Now I really hope she gets better but I have to be ready just in case... so here is my question:

1) Does my son have a right to his son if she gets admitted to the hospital for medical issues and is unable to care for the child.
2) will a letter to CPS be helpful with what we the grandparents can offer? Now mine you we are just talking about 1 child since the mother was involved with 3 different fathers. I feel that the other family members need to step up to the plate. We cant take all five..Just 1.
3) Shouldn't the kids be getting counseling since they were all in the home ( abuse) that the incident took place?
4) Is there something we the grandparents should be doing?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.. I am in the next state ( Colorado) Any Attorneys in Omaha/Lincoln that work pro=bono

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