Camreta v. Greene decision?

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Camreta v. Greene decision?

Postby CPSptsd » Fri May 20, 2011 1:23 pm

I feel rather dumb, but I know that oral arguments were recently held in the case of Camreta v. Greene before the US Supreme Court. What I don't know, or cannot seem to find out, is what the decision was?

On a side note, I recently suggested this very case as a project case for a Government class (I'm a college student). The class had to do a mock supreme court hearing with research, oral arguments, pretend "justices" and clerks and so on. I was a "clerk". Anyway, this case was chosen (we voted after all suggestions were made of various cases) and we worked on the Supreme Court simulation for half the semester. In the end, our mock Supreme Court found in favor of GREENE, the child who was questioned at school for 2 hours regarding an allegation of sex abuse.

I am proud.. proud because this case was our focus due to my suggestion and proud that 30 people who otherwise might not have given much thought at all to the over-reaching power of CPS now have given it thought, research, and will at least have it in the back of their mind the next time they hear of someone being accused of something, or when they have their own kids (I"m probably 2x the age of most of my classmates, being a non-traditional student). It was pretty awesome to witness those who, at the beginning of the case, were spouting the usual lines such as "Well you know, people don't have CPS investigations unless they've done something wrong" and "We have to give CPS this power or else kids will be abused!" and then watch them research and learn and come around to an understanding that CPS investigations and wrongful removals ARE traumatic and that we need to be just as concerned about protecting kids FROM unlawful CPS actions. I just wish more people knew.
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