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Why did people stop using this forum? 2019

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:17 am
by Starahone
I guess I signed up for this forum many years ago because whe I tried to create an account just now it said my email was already taken so now I’ve logged in and I see more people haven’t posted or been active on this forum for four years!

I know this stuff didn’t stop happening... so where did everyone go? I’m returning looking for any tips or info people can give on how to find an “in person” support group for people like me/us.

I feel so crazy and my life is precariously perched each day on whether or not the trauma will finally consume me entirely or not.... meaning: I am suicidal on a regular basis and my relationships with friends and family have deteriorated so badly over the last four years that I feel alienated, alone, and completely hopeless.

Most of the time the reason I don’t kill myself is because I don’t want anyone to think I did it because I couldn’t live with the guilt of sexually abusing my kid anymore.
It just plain never happened. Nothing like that happened. They said if I don’t do sex offender treatment I can never see him again. You can’t pass SO treatment if you don’t 1. admit what you did and 2. Pass a lie detector test to graduate.

I took a lie detector test , At the suggestion of, my then fourth Lawyer, (out of five or six that I’ve had) and paid $500 to do it, (and passed it), and they are in admissible in court. But they are good enough for sex offender treatments?

I am a crazy person who can’t function in this world anymore

It never gets easier.

The pain of a catastrophic justice system buries me further and further into the abyss each day that passes.

I don’t know how to live like this and I need help.
Btw: I am his mom.

Re: Why did people stop using this forum? 2019

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:33 pm
by Starahone
I guess everyone is too beaten down to even come here :lol: gotta laugh or ill die. :mrgreen:

Re: Why did people stop using this forum? 2019

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 6:51 am
by KDus
Because it got overwhelming for the moderator. I think there was an explanation on the home page a while back.
The forum is much harder to find, last I checked. I don't think there is a link on the main pages.