Also a Former Foster Child

People who have been in the foster care system can network here.

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Also a Former Foster Child

Postby Sarah79 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:29 pm

I was a foster child. I was raised by my Mom til I was 12 and then I was in and out of foster care. My parents both loved me very much but they lacked the skills in life to properly parent me. I am very thankful that CPS did not terminate their parental rights. Some of the things they did were very grieveous. I love my parents very much and have become very thankful for the few things they did do right. I learned from their mistakes and vowed I would never ever make those mistakes with my children. I am not a product of their parenting or of the system the Lord saved me from that and through much effort I have successfully raised a beautiful family and my children and I have a wonderful relationship.

I don't think CPS or the foster care system helped me at all. And did not have a good relationship with the foster parents as a general rule. I however have a great relationship with my Mom (dad is dead) through alot of forgivness on my part and wanting to demonstrate forgivness to my own kids. No one no one ever could replace my own mother no matter how well they treated me or how much they loved me. I have their blood in my veins. My biological makeup comes from them I am part of them and nothing can or could ever change that.

Jesus Christ is the reason I have been successful in life not CPS sorry....I know they think they are God....the goverrnment cannot heal all evils of this world and it is their own arrogance toward God that they think they can.

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Re: Also a Former Foster Child

Postby survivorsofcps » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:41 pm

hello, good to see another former foster child in here. 8)

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