My rights were just terminated, please help

A place for parents who have been through a termination of parental rights. Please network here on ways to reconnect with your children, cope with the trauma of separation, and promote advocacy against this cruel system of family destruction.

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My rights were just terminated, please help

Postby A_Mothers_Plight » Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:37 am

My parental rights on my son were just terminated this morning. I live in Il. The judge said I have 30 days to appeal. My court appointed attorney has been less than helpful throughout my case. I wanted to speak with her after court about an appeal But she said she was too busy and would contact me later. This has been an ongoing issue throughout my TPR trial. She doesn't ever return my phone calls. In fact at the beginning of the trial I asked the judge if I could please have a different attorney, the judge refused and said I don't get to choose unless I have money and hire one myself. Anyway I was just looking at this site and found a case that was almost exact as mine where the mother was able to get it overturned on appeal. There has been so much throughout this trial that has just not been right. I need a real attorney who is actually out to help me. Or I'm possibly thinking about representing myself, but have no legal experience. I'm going to post the links to the case I found that was similar to mine. I would like to find out who the attorney was that represented the mother in that case. I tried to call the courthouse but because it is a juvenile case they cannot give me any information. I need some help or ideas please. Thanks ... lo_34.html ... 050796.htm

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Re: My rights were just terminated, please help

Postby Threegirlsgonehelp » Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:26 am

:( what state do you live in? I'd it Illinois, cause the link u posted has Illinois on it...sorry I'm so sorry I hope and pray you get it appealed..... in the state of Texas you have 45 days.
What did they prove to terminate? They have to have substantial proof and grounds to terminate. Find your state laws and see what they say......if so use that to overturn what they used to terminate......
God I pray that you help this mother out in the name of Jesus oh god. Read Psalms 46 meditate on it snd see what God brings your way. He will come at the bresk of dawn if you love him and you believe.....god bless

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Re: My rights were just terminated, please help

Postby shan » Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:57 pm

I complied with everything, after 1 scew up I the beginning I've been clean for almost 2 years, cps made me resign my rights or they'd do it for me I was told, It was suppose to be open adoption, they lied, the foster parents wanted my son from the start, now i'm in collection for owing child support on my son they took from me he just turned 2, I have another son they tried to take he was given back after taken from the hospital a month later. can I get my first son back? and why do I owe child support for not even getting the chance to having my son back, I don't have money that's the main reason. BUT THEY JUST GAVE HIM AWAY, many parents get their children back, I have worked hard and have been through ALL their steps un like most who do get their kids back. WHY I Ask. I COMPLIED , THEY KEPT LYING, HAVING CONTINOUS PRO LONGED COURT DATES, THEN TELL ME THE TIME LIMIT STATUE WAS TOO LONG. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME

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Re: My rights were just terminated, please help

Postby rthrw01 » Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:50 am

e look at 388 petition

File JV 180 form

File motion to vacate the case

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