What can i do after my parental rights were terminated

A place for parents who have been through a termination of parental rights. Please network here on ways to reconnect with your children, cope with the trauma of separation, and promote advocacy against this cruel system of family destruction.

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What can i do after my parental rights were terminated

Postby Henderson1220 » Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:17 pm

My parental rights were terminated last Thursday and I feel like a peice of me died when the judge made her decision. I have been fighting dhs for 2 yrs and have completed every requirement asked. My case plan has changed every time I completed the requirement and I was terminated based on dhs false documents and reports. I have appealed the decision but I need to know what other steps to take instead of waiting g on my atorney. To I have any rights. Dhs needs to be stopped for destroying families. My kids are my meaning to life and I will never accept losing them especially when I completed everthing required. Please help me. I need my kids back home

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Re: What can i do after my parental rights were terminated

Postby Sarbear84 » Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:53 pm

I'm so sorry..

I cannot offer much advice other then building one check of a defense case and giving it your all at your appeal. I'm currently battling for my two babies and got some fantastic advice by submitting a deceleration of facts . I do not know what the circumstances of your case are ..but I do know how CPS likes to lie, twist words and make Mountains out of mole hills. I would gather all the proof you can get your hands on. Photos of your home, proof of completed services.. Letters from friends and family who are willing to be a support system. They deceleration of facts is a wonderful piece of advice because it gives you an opportunity to defend yourself since we sadly are not able to speak for ourselves and are suppose to stand idly by why we are lied about and torn apart viciously as They attempt to steal our children..the loves of our lives.

There is instructions on this sight on how to make the deceleration of facts..gather all the info you can get your hands on ..take pics..get Letters gather proof! Keep fighting! I'm sorry I cannot be more help.

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Re: What can i do after my parental rights were terminated

Postby rthrw01 » Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:48 am

Look in to file a 388 petition

File a withdraw relinquishment to motion to vacate

File a JV 180 that request to change the order

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