Appeal and JIC investigation turned down

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Appeal and JIC investigation turned down

Postby Katies-pups » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:07 pm

Just before Christmas I received a call from my lawyer telling me that the WV Supreme Court had turned down my appeal. She told me that it was turned down 2/1. One judge felt that I didn't get a fair hearing, yet two judges did.
I'm going back in time to explain, so that you can understand what is so fishy about this. Or as I call it, " The good old boys club". Like so many other things in West Virginia, it's all about who knows who. Apparently the judge I had, Judge Moats of both Barbour Taylor counties heard my case. He only heard CPS's side of the story, which was full of lies, half truths, and completely made up stories. He also used court documents from a case that was held 10 years prior for my now ex husband. A husband who subjected me and my daughters to all five forms of abuse. Those being: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, VERBAL, SEXUAL, and BIBLICAL. A husband that I managed to escape and hide from for five and a half years. But because my husband had been picked up in a neighboring county, the judge assumed that I was still with my husband cause I had not yet divorced him. I hadn't divorced him because, 1) I couldn't afford the lawyer fees to do so, cause I was living on disability , and did not receive ANY child support or help of any kind from the state except insurance for my two daughters. 2) I was afraid that in divorcing my husband, it would give away my whereabouts and he would do what he said he'd do to me, my girls, and my elderly mother. He said he would hunt us down and kill us if I ever left, divorced, or turned him in. He said he wouldn't ever go back to prison, that before he'd go back to prison, he'd kill us and himself. What made things worse is that he had gone to prison for assaulting my oldest daughter, which is what the court documents where that the judge used. He had controlled me from prison and once out waltzed right back into my home where only 2 years later, sexually assaulted my other daughter, when she was 10 years old . My daughter had a chance to tell the state police but when questioned by them, told them nothing happened. The state police told me that as long as she denied it, there was nothing they could do. So once my girls and I moved out and hid, I tried to talk my daughter into talking to the authorities. Every time I would bring it up to her she would get mad and go to her room. Going by what the police told me, I assumed that if she wasn't willing to talk and tell the police there was nothing I could do. She wouldn't tell u til one day beishe didn't want to move from WV to Ohio when she was 17, she used it to her advantage and ran away with the help of her older sister and told CPS. They told the judge that I want abused and made me sound like a deviant monster who left him sexually assaulted both of them.They told them that I abused he and he younger sister, who is now living with the two of them. She a pay check for them. She wanted to live with me in Ohio. She knew that living in Ohio was going to be better for them with so many more opportunities. That's all I ever wanted for them. I wanted to get my daughter out of there before she graduated high school. I called the police when he assaulted my oldest daughter. I would have called them again if I thought she would talk to them. Anyway, during my termination hearing in March of 2016, the judge NEVER allowed me to testify on my own behalf or to present my witnesses. It was clearly a breach of my rights as a US citizen. Now back to the appeal. I was told that the appeal would take at least a year from the date it was filed. The court didn't send the court records to my lawyer until they petitioned for them in July and filed my appeal in August of 2016. I filed JIC. Papers about a week before Thanksgiving 2016. Then the wrk before Christmas 2016, I received the phone call from my lawyer explaining the email that I received the week prior, that the appeal had been turned down and my only other alternative was to try and file with the US Supreme Court. Then two weeks into January 2017, I received the letter in the mail that the JIC decided tha they felt Judge Moats had done nothing wrong. Like I said " The Good Old Boys Club". He obviously knew and was friends with the Appeal judges and the JIC. With one judge stating that I DIDNT get a fair hearing, tells me that something was fixed.
Well I'm not done. Not by a long shot. I may NEVER get justice for my daughter who is an innocent pawn in all this. Now I don't have any communication with my youngest cause my two older daughters don't allow her to call me or see me. She had a cell phone but they took it away when she called me. She had a tablet that we bought her for Christmas last year but they took it away as well.
like I said I'm not done. I'm not giving up. I plan on writing letters to everyone I can. I figure about 50 letters. I want to bring attention to what is going on in this country. I want people to realize that yeah, some kids need help from CPS, but a lot of the time, CPS doesn't care about these kids. That all they are doing is talking kids to make jobs for themselves and to get money for their country. That they break the law and that the judges are just as bad.
I would love to March in protest in Washington DC and Charleston WV. Give me the chance.
Parents out there who are fighting CPS, let's march on Washington and bring attention to this terrible situation

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