I need some help please (Texas)

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I need some help please (Texas)

Postby starriedarling » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:25 pm

Hello, my husband and I had our rights to two of our kids involuntarily terminated January 2016 (unfairly, no evidence that it was in the best interest of the kids and despite the fact we did everything they asked of us). In the middle of that first CPS case, I was pregnant and they allowed me to keep my son (born July 2015) and never checked on him or anything. I just had another baby December 2016 and about a week ago, we found a card from a CPS investigator on our door and my parents informed me they received a call asking for us to contact them. We texted the investigator to ask what this was in regards to and all she would say is that she recieved a referral and wants to set up a time to come to our house. We asked her to further explain what exactly this referral was and all she would say is that she wanted to come talk to us at our home. Is it possible that she is trying to take away our new baby because of our prior TPR? Do I have to meet with her? What should we do? I am stalling for time right now... Is that going to work against us? I am just terrified of letting her take one step toward our family without knowing what's going to happen... Thank you so much for your time and advice

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Re: I need some help please (Texas)

Postby KDus » Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:21 am

Yes, they could very well intend on taking the child because of your history. Eventually, there will be search warrants and wellness checks.

2 babies were born during my case. Both were taken, never got them back. The only things that slowed CPS down was Power of Attorney and a guardianship case.
We snuck the first baby to my parents in another state and gave them power of attorney. That would have worked but my mother caved in fear and handed the baby to the police. CPS flew 700 miles, took the baby and made up a story about him being near death to justify their actions.
Meanwhile, we worked with an attorney in another state to start a guardianship for my Aunt. She is in a rural County that only hears such cases a couple times a month and it was winter holidays. That filing was 1 day late. The dependency petition was first so CPS got the baby, not my Aunt.
Theoretically, it would have worked. And it sure pissed off CPS

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