Termination of My Parental Rights

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The Sheriff
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Termination of My Parental Rights

Postby The Sheriff » Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:30 am

It was in the year 2012, maybe the Spring or so that I became a member of this Gift of a Site.
I cannot recall when exactly I stumbled across it prior to, but I attempted to connect with other people who reside in Georgia.
I have not been successful - year to date.
I have not posted in quite a long time due to the battle of fighting for my 4 children, 2 of which are still imprisoned by CPS, 7 years later.
I have my 2 older children - regained them in 2014 and 2015 - each separately - but the State of Georgia - CPS/DFCS stole my 2 younger children who are now 7 and 8 and a half years old.
They have been imprisoned their whole lives.
I launched a Federal Lawsuit and reached out to soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people through other Blogs and Sites.
I reached out to others here in Georgia only to be taken advantage of and lied to and 'snitched' on - if you will... I say snitch because the people I reached out to were so called Advocates in the Name of Jesus and were in fact Informants for the Juvenile Court and DFCS and State of Georgia DHHS.
Does it make sense that I got my 2 older children back - after their imprisonment of 4 and 5 years later, but NEVER GETTING my 2 younger children back?
Or Better Yet, completing the Bogus Case Plan repeatedly and NEVER GETTING ANY OF MY CHILDREN BACK.
My children should have been returned to me the Fall of 2010 but definitely by January 2011.
The State of Georgia is Wicked.
There is NO Source of Advocacy or Connection for these Issues here in Georgia.
This System is Wicked, and to know that 3 GA State Senators have died from 2010-2011 has affected me deeply, but I kept fighting.
In launching the Federal Lawsuit, which went NO WHERE, it delayed actions, but did not STOP the Wickedness of the Judicial System and 'Social Service Systems' from Destroying My Children and I - we are all that we have.
We have no Extended Family at all, what so ever.
My children were subjected to sexual, psychological, emotional, physical, medical, educational, and spiritual abuse.
I was threatened with Incarceration repeatedly.
Lied on and Lied to.
To know that Records of Court Related Documentation had been submitted to the GA Court of Appeals - things I have no possession of and it will cost me nearly $3000.00 to obtain, per GA Court of Appeals and to know that the GA Supreme Court DENIED the Writ of Certoriari, and to know that ALL 6 Court Appointed 'Attorneys' and 1 Attorney I paid for out of pocket did NOTHING to get my children back to me...
To know that documentation was filed untimely, not at all, and all Legal Remedies available to ME AND TO MY 4 CHILDREN were not USED to deliberately separate and abuse us for life - is something that I cannot understand for the LIFE OF ME.
Moreover, I cannot believe that GOD has allowed this to happen TO ANY OF US.
I am not blaming God, but I just don't understand this at all.
I needed to VENT because the DAMAGE TO MY CHILDREN AND TO ME is beyond what words can describe.
My 2 older children have been traumatized as well as myself and 2 younger baby girls...
MY CURRENT DILEMMA is SOOOOOOOOOOOO PROFOUND... because I fought for all 4 of my children and was only given 2 of them back - they are 'grown' now... no longer little kids...
MY GUT SAYS STILL FIGHT FOR MY 2 LITTLE ONES but the CIRCUMSTANCES present day - say - "it's over..."
I am thankful for this site because of the wealth of information and the ability to share and gain knowledge.
I am thankful for this site because I am ALL ALONE in GA State, fighting and struggling to go on day by day.
I have NO ONE here to comfort me as a soldier in this battle, no other comrades to gain strength and encouragement from, only this SITE.
I have people that say GIVE UP!!!
And I get so darn angry!!!
What these people have done to me and my children and the other families is so hard to believe - a Nation Under God - a Nation that is supposed to be benevolent, merciful, and forgiving, etc...
Thank you Linda Jo Martin & those that are apart of your team.
I will probably be back to just write and share my thoughts and feelings because it's hard not having local support.

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Re: Termination of My Parental Rights

Postby lori1968 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:12 pm

Thank you for sharing. I am feeling the same as you and really needed to know that I'm not the only one going through a nightmare that makes no sense and is so evil and wrong. Thank you.

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Re: Termination of My Parental Rights

Postby KDus » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:04 am

My story is similar, having gotten the 2 older kids back and losing the younger 2. The external forces that motivate keeping the younger 2 is obvious.

It shouldn't surprise anybody that my little babies were both adopted by a wealthy single white woman with government connections. They are being raised by nannies in a lavish beach house while the "mother" travels internationally for "important" government meetings. I've pieced it together from what the older kids tell me about their visits with the siblings.

On one hand, I accept that things turned out the best they were going to, given the system involved. We deal with what is, not what ought to be.
On the other, I can't let go of the anger toward all the evil people and what they do, regardless of their intention.

My faith was weak when the case started, and completely gone soon after. One of the few truly honest, connected moments with my ex, was when we prayed long and hard, so earnestly for help and fair treatment . Yet, things got worse. They stole our baby right after that.

There was no progress for 2 years regardless of my compliance. 1 hour a week, supervised. 2 years of parenting classes, counseling, support groups, meetings, and evaluations; and maintain a home for 4 kids and full time job. TPR for one baby in the middle and the next toward the end. Left the ex, got a place, started the divorce. No change.

No external group did ANYTHING to actually help the situation. Only my attorney, at the end, put some helpful energy into the case.
He told me I'm a success story. The judge praised me at the last hearing. I got congratulated often.
Only people like us can understand the anguish of being praised for losing 2 children.

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