How did CPS get started?

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A new threat is heading for American families and parents, and it’s called Famlink
November 5, 2010 by uswgo
Filed under Establishing The Police State
Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: This will be apart of a series of articles depending on what amount of information is forwarded to USWGO regarding a nontransparent system that will aid the CPS in finding even more excuses to take your children. This is definitely still a recent threat because states are still attempting to implement this without the knowledge of the states people which violates puppet Obama’s promise to create a open and transparent Government.

Sources and references to this article are at this link: Research and Documents regarding famlink (Firefox bookmark dump and Testimonies regarding Famlink and the fact they are not being transparent about what their systems are being used for)

C. Patience Summers
A new threat has been emerged in American families and even parents regarding to a testimony by Patience Summers on Dr Shirley Moore’s show, Justice4Us. The 2 hour episode titled Stop the Foreclosure’s Now that aired on October 29 2010, had a woman by the name of Patience Summers that was calling in at around 50:00 into the show, was told by Dr. Shirley Moore to talk about the new National Child Protective Services (CPS) database system which is going to further allow CPS into not just all sorts of private information on each family that gets in any kind of commotion with CPS but also a system that is vulnerable to easy hacking. Also according to more research through documents notes and info added from papers into Famlink is suppose to be destroyed after the information is properly added which means CPS can easily lie about parents and there will be no real evidence to back up claims by CPS. This can mean that under digital decree CPS can have more extensive abilities and digital records they manage to find any excuse they can deem to snatch children away from healthy and good family, and even families with political views that the U.S. Government deems as “Dangerous”.

Also with how corrupt CPS has been getting it is very easy for the Federal Government to forge documents and records in order to criminalize dissidents and take their children away. One of these examples of John Irish and his wife losing their child over simply belonging to a Oath Keepers discussion board. Although the Irish family managed to get their baby back after the court admitted defeat they aren’t the only family to be persecuted by CPS.

Now What is famlink? Well through searching through many bits and pieces the U.S. Government forgot to cover-up (Save the documents while you can!) I was able to start putting together the pieces of what FamLink is.

According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Children’s Administration, on the Operations Manual page, it is saying that it is not just criminal records checks that will be required but also a Famlink check which means that FamLink will be a new form of records held on people even though it is not quite clear what records are held by FamLink.

This is from their Operations Manual:

0.A criminal history and CA/N check must be completed for anyone living in the home, age 16 and above, excluding youth in foster care:
0.Prior to final approval of an out of home placement under the custody of CA with an unlicensed relative or other suitable person, or
0.Prior to final approval of a foster home license, or
0.Prior to final approval of an adoptive home study.
0.For all youth living in the home, ages 16 and 17 (excluding youth in foster care), and youth who age out of care and later voluntarily return to foster care, criminal history and CA/N history must include the following:
0.A FamLink records check, and
0.A background check conducted by DSHS Background Check Central Unit (BCCU).
0.For all adults living in the home, age 18 and above, criminal history and CA/N history must include the following:
0.A FamLink records check,
0.A background check conducted by BCCU,
0.An FBI/WSP fingerprint based criminal history check processed by BCCU; unless the check is for renewal of a foster home license, and
0.For persons who have lived outside of Washington State in the preceding five years, an out of state child abuse and neglect history check from all other states where the individual has lived during that time.
So FamLink is not a criminal database but a whole new set of records maintained by the Department of Social and Health Services or Social Services for short.

So as I even further Investigate what exactly FamLink is I dig into a PDF Document titled Caregiver Connection the 2009 edition and right under Page 4 of this Document has News regarding Famlink:

Children’s Administration’s new Child Welfare
Automated Information System went live
February 1st 2009. This new system is called
FamLink. The system has been a challenge for
all aspects of our business.
As a provider of services for Children’s Administration
and a valued partner in our work,
you may have noticed some changes in the
way payments are made or the information
you receive. Here are some important points
to remember as we move forward:
• Children’s Administration is able to pay providers
for all authorized services. If you are
told payment cannot be made, that person
does not have the current information. For
the most current information, contact the
Fiduciary Specialist in your area. A list of
the Regional Supervisors of the Fiduciary
Specialists is available at http://www.dshs.
• FamLink provides monthly authorization
information to SSPS. Providers continue to
receive authorizations, invoices and payments
from SSPS.
• ThThe most visible changes for providers are
changes in the names and number of SSPS
services and the timing of Social Service
Notifications (also known as Authorizations).
More information on these changes
is available at http://www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/
• If you have not received payment for authorized
services within the usual timeframes,
please contact the Fiduciary Specialist in
your area. A list of the Regional Supervisors
of the Fiduciary Specialists is available at


Additional information is available on the CA
website at http://www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/general/

So According to the investigation of this document I have found out that FamLink went Live at around February 1st 2009, it is used for not just Child Protective Services (CPS) but it’s also used as a automated financial, tracking, reporting, and completely digital system for all social workers to have to use. It is a completely digital system that will require computer skills but the flaws with the system is that hackers and corrupt CPS Workers can easily make false cases in order to snatch children because there is no paper trails, no physical evidence, but only digital based evidence which can easily be tampered with and counterfeited. If techno engineers can easily counterfeit coins and Drivers licenses then they can easily set up any family to lose their children via CPS Visits.

If the system Famlink does not rely on physical copies of evidence to back up claims that CPS can make then they can easily make up evidence and the courts would side with CPS unless evidence can prove that CPS lied which may be nearly impossible to collect without breaking Federal and state Laws.

Apparently while the U.S. Government is not open about FamLink and what it will be used for it, I found another document titled the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services: Children’s Administration: Annual Quality Assurance Report Final: Report to the Legislature, it also mentions about FamLink so it is mentioned to the Legislature branch.

Under Page 7:

Development of family assessments and case planning tools, placement resources, adolescent approach, and intake framework consistent with and supportive of the clinical model, and the integration of these tools in the new FamLink management information system (6/06 – 12/07)

Under page 8:

FamLink is the name given to Children’s Administration’s (CA) new Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS). The new name reflects the integrated support FamLink will give to our work providing services to children, their families, service providers, and our many other child welfare partners.
FamLink will provide automated tools to:

Increase social workers’ productivity by making relevant information easily accessible for more informed and timely decisions.

Increase compliance with required and new program and practice activities such as those in the Braam settlement agreement.

Support managers and financial specialists by giving them tools to establish budgets and hold staff accountable to those budgets.

Provide managers with meaningful data to evaluate the effectiveness of the CA service programs.
All of these tools support our primary goals for children–safety, well-being, and permanency.
Major Accomplishments
Representatives from all 6 regions and headquarters—social workers, licensors, supervisors, clerical, program managers, and business analysts—have completed an innovative 8-week “Boot Camp” to thoroughly learn the new SACWIS. This experience provided a solid knowledge base for system design planning and for demonstrating the system to their peers.
A streamlined decision-making process is now in place to facilitate the many decisions regarding FamLink’s impact on CA’s business practices. Utilizing SharePoint communication tools, the executive Project Advisory Group and the field Intelligence Team can rapidly review change recommendations, gather input from a broad cross-section of the agency, and easily record their comments and decisions.
FamLink is now entering the design phase. Design and development teams are established with a close working relationship between vendor and state staff. A technical boot camp is in progress to help each state developer become an expert in their area of responsibility.
CA business partners can expect opportunities to learn about the new system, ask questions, and make comments. Additional presentations are planned to keep stakeholders informed and prepare for the coming changes.
FamLink will be released statewide in late September, 2008.
For more information about FamLink email [email protected].

So it was mentioned to the Legislature which is the Congress but it was not mentioned by the Press or even the Federal Government which is violating Obama’s campaign promise to have a Open and Transparent Government. This FamLink system was unknown to a majority of the population unless they had been harassed by CPS or worked with the FamLink system themselves. The majority of Americans don’t even realize that a National database is being implemented and if the Department of Social and Health Services has their way then this may be implemented in all 50 states unless the public is fully aware of what FamLink fully does and how it will affect all families. This National Federal-run Database Patience Summers mentions does exist and is being quietly implemented under the guise of Children’s Safety and aiding Social Services to do a much more efficient job but is it really what FamLink is about? CPS has been caught in different forms of corruption and illegally snatching children, and even getting paid to snatch kids so how is FamLink going to make it easier and more convenient on children and families? According to Patience Summers audio testimony and all my research FamLink is a new Digital National database that has no one auditing the actions of CPS Employees, any digital evidence can just be added, most Americans aren’t even aware that there is such a Digital Database System of this caliber, and this database was suppose to start in 2008 but instead was activated at around February 1st 2009.

I have sent a email to Patience Summers to get her to put out her take on this new fascist National Big Brother Database, but I haven’t received a reply as of yet and so once I do I will create another article further explaining what the FamLink system is and how it will violate our privacy and allow CPS even further intrusion into good, healthy, those that oppose Big Government, and non abusive American families. For those that want to do more research on FamLink keep checking Research and Documents regarding famlink for any updates on more research or even a email response from Social Services regarding FamLink.

CPS is now further watching you under FamLink!

Also I have attempted to send a email to the Social and Human Services department telling them that I am a journalist investigating on FamLink and asking them what it is but so far they have not commented to our news network regarding Famlink.

Patience Summers is a California Report, can be contacted at Patience @ serenahsangels.com and her website is at thecorruptionreport.com.

Patience Summers
Patience Summers
This is not legal advice;hopefully wisdom

To put it in simple terms…when the authorities ARE the perpetrators and the perpetrators ARE the authorities, there is no earthly justice or recourse, at the end of the day (unless the American people wake up).

Therefore, those who have achieved the highest levels of power seek to ‘enjoy’ the most grievous and extreme injustices. For many of those in the highest circles of power, the greatest statement of power is to perpetrate the greatest possible injustice…the savage, brutal traumatization and abuse of an innocent child.
http://themurkynews.blogspot.com/ MattTwoFour

"Ultimately, the law is only as good as the judge" --- D.X. Yue, 2005, in "law, reason and judicial fraud"

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