Hopefully I won't be next - Nancy Schaefer

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The Sheriff
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Hopefully I won't be next - Nancy Schaefer

Postby The Sheriff » Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:41 am

Greetings to everyone reading this post - as stated before I have a federal suit against the corruption of the State of Georgia - this case serves the Public within the State but also nationally - I stand alone - I requested a Federal Grand Jury Investigation but am being blocked by the Federal Magistrates Judge who is also corrupt and I stand alone against all of these "high powered attorneys" and in the mean time Governor Deal is PUBLICLY making "changes" to the EPIC PROPORTIONS of "mishandling" of cps cases etc... It's just a ploy against what I am doing and of course because as usual he is under investigation. These judges and attorneys are just having fun - kind of like a cat who "toys" with a mouse - they feel I am no true opposition to them at all - I have contacted "certain" groups and some of the "best" attorneys but of course never hear from them because this case is against their "friends." This case exemplifies the fact that no one in the state of Georgia who falls into this most horrendous trap of DHS/DFCS has no recourse - you have no recourse judicially, socially, or administratively... I have found myself to stand on Faith in God alone - sure there are those that stand on the sidelines of my situation but no one gets involved or offers anything to aid me along legally - this site and of course AFRA has helped me out tremendously.

I need suggestions on how to move this to a Federal Grand Jury investigation - like - professionally legal because my request keeps getting ignored. I need suggestions on how to get it out of this Federal Magistrates judge's hand - although I already asked to have them to recuse themselves and they denied my request. I need suggestions on how to professionally and legally oppose the motion that it is not a "constitutional right" to have a court appointed counsel in such a case based on a crazy case law that says because I am not officially being charged with a Federal Crime I am not entitled to court appointed counsel thru the courts...

I'm still fighting though I just hope and pray that nothing "unusual" regarding self inflicted harm comes my way - ya all know - the same mess they said about the lives of Mrs.Nancy Schaefer and her husband :? Let me just tell ya ll that "other" state senators - one that I know of who supported her was found too with the same "unusual" self inflicted situation - there were other people that were found if ya all know what I mean... I called the "home church" of Mrs. Nancy Schaefer and asked the secretary and said "do ya all not feel a sense of responsibility for what she was doing and exposing????" The secretary said NO... I DON'T know really what I am doing to be quite honest but after experiencing the hush hush and the fear that people have here in Georgia - I guess I can't say that it is a little un nerving considering the number of high profile criminals that are involved with all of this - pray for me ya all - pray that some how I will connect with the right people who will stand up with me.

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Re: Hopefully I won't be next - Nancy Schaefer

Postby WornDownMom » Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:05 pm

Trust God to protect you-envision His White surrounding you in a bubble at ALL times! Envision a Powerful Force Field around you-The Lord said to not be afraid of what to say-that He would go before us!! Envision Angels guarding you with flaming swords. Also let us ALL envision this around our children, wherever they are.

We need to start writing Congress. Years ago, I had a family advocacy agency talk to them about a case of mine and they said they would read a statement from me, however I was so running scared I didn't do it. But the point is they heard of the harassment by my husbands boss, a marine officer-abuse of power-harassing us and because it involved a military PMO they wanted to hear it.

Lets start writing Congress people.............ESPECIALLY those of you on military bases!! Get in touch with family advocacy agents, etc.

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