Excellent news for my state and going federal with it

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Excellent news for my state and going federal with it

Postby lostintranslation » Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:14 am

I was at a legislative hearing yesterday that concentrated on parental rights during CPS investigations in CT.

When it was my turn to testify, not only did I tell the committee that the court appointed attorneys, for the most part, just tell the parents to do whatever cps wants them to, I introduced the Dec of Facts form and the Corrections form to them. The committee looked them over and it was passed by a vote of all members unamiously to get the forms entered as official court forms. It was also suggested to forward the decision and to introduce the forms for consideration on a federal level in Washington. I was invited to that hearing also which will take place in Feb of 2007. I am very excited about this and just felt the need to share with everyone here.
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