Excellent news for my state and going federal with it

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Excellent news for my state and going federal with it

Postby lostintranslation » Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:15 am

I was at a legislative hearing yesterday that concentrated on parental rights during CPS investigations in CT.

When it was my turn to testify, not only did I tell the committee that the court appointed attorneys, for the most part, just tell the parents to do whatever cps wants them to, I introduced the Dec of Facts form and the Corrections form to them. The committee looked them over and it was passed by a vote of all members unamiously to get the forms entered as official court forms. It was also suggested to forward the decision and to introduce the forms for consideration on a federal level in Washington. I was invited to that hearing also which will take place in Feb of 2007. I am very excited about this and just felt the need to share with everyone here. There is also another hearing with the same committee about the procedural process of CPS investigations on November 21 in which I will also be present at.
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Postby kelz03103 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:52 pm

how did you get to go to the legislative hearing?

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Postby LindaJM » Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:48 pm

This makes me SO happy ... thank you so much for the work you're doing to reach legislators!
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Postby Missingher » Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:23 pm

Hey everyone... one way tobefore congress is find a congressman/woman in your state/county that disapproves of DFACS in how that opperate .

They can bring you in to testify before congress when a bill is trying to be passed in relation to anything"children, parents and /or DFACS arises.

Thats why it is SO impotant to write you congress people in your state and win atleast one over. That is how GAs former Senator Nancy was made aware of the corruption of CPS ...by people like us writing her and telling our stories aka nightmares.

Nancy S is one of a kind...a TRUE angel.... and there are more sitting in each state... but they just are not aware!
Thats what we all can do to help bring awareness....so please write your congressmen/women and educate them.
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