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Postby mcontessa » Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:02 pm

PLEASE?! If you are in New Jersey post your request....

There is a need for evening and I speak of 8-9pm childcare service and above all weekend day care.Apparently,case workers are not addressing this need, in fact they believe it is not a need.Yet when I talk to sinlge parents on my own, they are CNA,retail, all sorts of jobs I hear the opposite!There is more helpful information at blog...

Please,post on my blog if this is a need you have in order to maintain or secure employment.With enough posts this can change!There are two day care centers already willing to open their door's to cover these hours, but need to know how many truly need such services.Blog can be found at link below...
Single Parenting And weekend/evening Child Care Needs here in New

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