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Needs help

Postby lostwithoutthem25 » Mon May 19, 2014 11:10 am

To whom it should concern,

There is a heartbreaking tragedy being allowed to take place without notice due to people believing all children services workers are out there protecting kids. Unfortunetly not all of them are and here is how two workers completely turned my family’s life upside down and are trying to make us comply with them to gain rights to see and speak to our children. Child services deceived their way into my home after going to my 6 year olds and conducting an interview, I know known of them had the experience to conduct it properly without causing more stress on a child and they interviewed them twice, knowing more than one interview can be more harmful to the child. The child service workers then did not even bother to investigate any of the information My husband and I gave them, they took my kids by force with an emergency custody order that they did not even fill out properly and lied to look like they was in extreme danger by writing misleading evidence to make alleged abuse seem life threatening. I have informed them about it and I was told that's what court is for. They did not give me due process to even make sure it was true before they took my 6 year old and 9th month old who I had been breastfeeding only the whole time and put them in placement with only about an hour of trying to keep them in the home. She had just started eating mixed canned baby foods. Now they have her on formula and giving her new food. I can’t imagine how her stomach is handling that, I’m sure it isn’t well. As well as being passed around too several different people a day after being cared for in every way by just me and her father. I cannot even begin to imagine the impact this will have on them. It is a downright shame to children everywhere that this is even possible, when everyone knows how important parent and children’s bonds are. Yet they claim we are the ones who abused and neglected our kids, when I have dedicated my life to raising both my children since day one. It is my right as a parent to raise my children protected in the Bill of Rights as well as my children’s rights to remain in their home and be with family who love and care for them the way they need to be. I have lived in the same place for the past eight years, so I have always had a stable place for them to reside in. The fact the whole process lasted from 3:30-7:45 is just as shocking to me as it being allowed to happen everywhere and people are not aware it happens. They have infringed so many constitutional rights of my husband, me and both my children as well as break their own ethnical codes to try and misconstrue ever reply we gave them and accuse us of abusing our six year old, right in front of him. They are trying to break the bond I worked every second of every day to create. Only allowing us to have one visit 1 hour a week and one phone call a week after I had never spent the night away from my baby and the longest I have been away from my six year old was two days, it has already been eleven days and has already had a huge impact on both of them. They have already broke our visitation on many occasions by missing two of my one phone calls a week, including the one I had today, with no way of making sure they are ok, I am left to sit here all night and worry about how they are and if their needs are being met. All while they don't even care that they are the ones neglecting and flat out abusing my kids. They are not putting the children first and completely ignoring what would be best for them. MY husband and I tried to get them to let him leave the house, while they did their investigation, which is supposed to last at the least 45 days, so they kids could remain home. They did not even consider it. They did not even attempt to place them in a relative’s care. We have had a family member with a clear background check since the 6th and they still haven’t even done the second home visit, they claim they need to do. They are avoiding me every way they can for a meeting with them and my family, to talk about what it is best for the kids, and have made no effort to return my mother’s phone call. They would not even consider it and this all happened because we would not sit there and let them belittle us and say we were guilty, instead we denied all allegations and I explained what we had done to ensure our kids health needs were met. Once my husband realized they were looking into removing them he told them to leave, more than once and they did not. So because we stood up for ourselves the two workers that worked the case decided to take it out on my kids and haven’t felt bad about it since. I have the right’s and so does my family and they completely bully their way into making you think you have known and have no remorse of the effect is has on them, the worker supervising our visit today watched him ask to come home with me and cry when I told him, he could not come home just yet. Knowing they lied and can prove it, I had to say good bye again. I cannot let this go on any longer and know my kids aren't being taken care of anywhere close to how I want them too and how they are being treated over there, because this is just a little of what they have done to my family. I will be calling the number to make sure my complaint is heard because if I don't get a phone call from someone saying my kids are coming home tomorrow, I will be filing a lawsuit against the department of social services in a federal court. I am hoping that someone actually cares about the kids and it is just the workers around here who are like that because I can and will if I have to sue everyone involved with ripping my children from me by making false accusations and denying my rights as an American citizen as protected in the United Stated constitution. I also know that since my kids constitutional rights are being broke, I can sue CHFS for my children for ignoring their constitutional rights as well as my husband will sue, if I have too. Please show me some of you care about these children in the system, because I will not and cannot allow this complete and utter act of power they are using to take my children and keep them go on any longer. I have seen so many cases where the defendant took everyone to court over the same thing they are doing to my family and won. I just want my kids returned after being wrongfully removed in the first place. Don't let the workers in Irvine continue to do this to my kids. They wronged my family and have robbed me off one time moments I will never get back because they had a vendetta against my husband and his response to them wanting to take our children. If the state trooper that I now know was only here for her protection told me after forty minutes of telling them they could not have my children, had not of yelled at me that if I did not comply I would be arrested and have an even harder time getting back. I thought I had no other choice at the moment and wish I had known what I know now and it would not have happened like that. The workers wasted time and money of the state, that they could have spent helping kids that really needed it. Now they are wasting the states money trying to charge my husband and I with charges that they did not even take the time that I am legally entitled too, to make sure the allegations were true. I hope someone looks into these workers and makes an example out of them, so more time and more is spent in pursue of helping kids who really are abused. Something needs to be done before more kids that were taken care of are in foster care then kids who needed it. I am going to sue the workers as well as the supervisor for the pain they have caused my family and every day that goes by that I can’t kiss my kids and love them the way I want too, I will spend learning more charges I can charge them with. Since I had to learn all this on my own, you should be able to tell how dedicated all my time and love into raising them. I will spend the time I would be devoting to my children to learning everything I can do to make sure the people who are responsible think twice before doing this to another family.

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