?Transplant Markets?

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?Transplant Markets?

Postby Hilljilly » Sun Nov 27, 2005 2:38 pm

[size=9]Are our kids being sacrificed on the transplant markets?

My two youngest kids were sold on the adoption markets. My youngest child was effectively taken into state custody before she was even born, thanks to my medical records :oops: [color=indigo]

My daughter(the youngest) was severely premature, delivered at 29 weeks gestation. I almost got forced into an abortion with her; they had me in 4-point restraints, was forcibly administering a drug that blocks progesterone production, and was going to chase it with a Pitocin drip. In case you don't know much about the human reproductive system, let me explain this. Progesterone is a hormone that is essential for maintaining a pregnancy. There are several drugs that are contra-indicated during pregnancy because of messing up hormones. Pitocin is a drug that induces labor; it is also used to make the uterus contract post-partum, to slow down bleeding. There is only one reason for using Pitocin during a pregnancy: to terminate a pregnancy. It's fine to terminate a pregnancy at 40 weeks, but if you want a baby to live, you don't want to start a Pitocin drip (through the IV line) at 28 weeks, especially if the mother has had two previous C-sections. They were going to force me into an abortion with my daughter. It's only by the grace of God that I was not forced into an abortion.

They had no respect for her life, period. All we were to those demons were a collection of body parts. What is done with aborted fetuses? Are they used for fetal tissue research?

My daughter survived a one hour code blue after being delivered by C-section at 29 weeks. She was tortured, but she survived her first hospitalization. She was on a ventilator for about 7 weeks, but something weird happened before she was taken off that ventilator.
One night she grabbed the ventilator tube with her right hand, and started pulling it out of her mouth; the next night, she acted like she was brain-dead. Part of her head was shaved, and there was a hole on top of her head on her left side, and by her forehead. I also got a written report later saying that part of her prefrontal lobe was missing.

My daughter had bacterial meningitis. To diagnose this disease, cerebral fluid has to be collected. I gave them verbal permission to do a lumbar puncture, but they later said that they made 7 different attempts to do a lumbar puncture, but couldn't get a tap form her that way; they did get a tap from going through the top of her head. Unfortunately, they took more than fluid that way; they also took a brain tissue sample.

How much is fetal brain tissue worth on the biotech markets? What about brain tissue from a living donor? Like my daughter.

I was warned that my daughter's brain tissue most likely did not 'go to waste'.

What happens to our kids after our parental rights are terminated? We don't have the right to know if they are alive or dead. We don't have the right to protect them from medical exploitation. Where are these donor hearts and livers for children coming from? If my daughter's brain tissue 'didn't go to waste', I doubt if her heart or liver or kidneys will 'go to waste' either.

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