My medical issues from being in CPS

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My medical issues from being in CPS

Postby NicoletteF » Wed Feb 15, 2006 6:19 pm

While I was in CPS my foster sister messed up my knee by pushing me down a hill and I broke my knee and now I have problems with it. I was put on Ridilin (knows she spelt that wrong) I became angry and no one could get near me. I was a very calm child before they put me on it. I ended up becoming ADD after they took me off of it. they gave me many depression pills, I was not depressed at the time the pills made me depressed and I wanted to die after. I have a back condition that I cannot afford to check out now because I work at a job I get $198.95 every two weeks. I have horrible social skills from being in foster care. I cant even call anyone because im afraid to talk to anyone. Im contantly sick and I am not getting any help. After I left CPS they turned their cheek on me.

Anyone who can help me please reply.

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Postby NicoletteF » Wed Feb 15, 2006 6:23 pm

on top of it I have a hearing problem because they let my ear get infected and I had to get n earing surgically removed and since then i have a hard time hearing and with the 7 years of John (brothers dad/ my ex foster parent) and his Girlfriend Tawnya yelling in my ear contantly I have hearing problems.

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Postby Frustrated » Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:08 am

Is there some way you can contact the State Ombudsman in your State to file your complaint against the Foster Care? Perhaps, your Senator in your State? Did you receive Counselling for this? Sometimes Counsellor or Therapist will help you find the right help to proceed this. Sometimes people would file Lawsuits against the Foster Care Parents for Abuse. You can get some money to get Counselling, get required hearing equipments, make them pay for what they did to you. You need all the evidence they did this to you. You need all the Paper works from CPS. You can request your Entire CPS Case Files from them, by writing a letter to Director of Social Services, NOT CPS. State in your Letter that you need the entire CPS Case File so you can read what they said about you, and you can have your Lawyer to read your Case file to see if you have a Case for Law suit against them for Damages to you. You need to call the Legal Aid to ask for questions, to what you can do to proceed, but how ever, the Legal Aid won't help people with CPS Cases, But they could help Children go through legalities. Have you thought about filing Criminal Charges against the Foster Care Parents for Abuse? Like go to the Police Station and tell them your story?????

There are so many help out there that can help you point in the right direction.

You can do this by:

1. Counselling/ Therapy
2. Filing Criminal Charges with Police against them
3. Asking complete copies of your CPS Records from Director of Social Services
4. Call Legal Aid
5. Talk to the Media
6. Advise your Story to your Lawyer, you need to get one, and some Lawyers will give 1/2 hour advice FREE.
7. Mental Health Counsellors, they will help you where to go.
8. Friends for Support, you need to ask your Friends for Advice.
9. Gather all the Evidence against them. You need all the Evidence as much as you can for all the Damages they did to you.
10. Write a Book about it?

There are so many other help, you can use, but I will think of some more and get back to you. Just keep your chin up and you will prevail with Justice against them. (Some day)
It is easy to steal from poor people. But don't do it. And don't take advantage of those poor people in court. The Lord is on their side. He supports them and he will take things away from any person that takes from them.~ Proverbs 22:22

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