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William Wesley Patton

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William Wesley Patton, articles on neglect

http://www.law.whittier.edu/centers_cli ... center.asp

William Wesley Patton
Professor of Law

B.A., California State University, Long Beach, summa cum laude; M.A., UCLA; J.D., UCLA; Deputy State Public Defender; Lecturer, UCLA School of Law; Assistant and Associate Dean, Whittier Law School; California State Bar and United States District Court, Central District. Prof. Patton's subjects include Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation; Juvenile Justice, Lawyering Skills, Legal Clinic, Torts, and Trial Advocacy.

As a Deputy State Public Defender, Prof. Patton specialized in defending juveniles in the California Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court. For four years, as a professor at UCLA School of Law, Prof. Patton supervised students who represented parties in child abuse litigation in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Child Dependency Division.

Prof. Patton frequently discusses child abuse and neglect issues at ABA and AALS conferences. He is a member of ABA and Los Angeles County Bar Association committees regarding juvenile delinquency and dependency, and is active as amicus counsel in appellate cases involving children's issues.

He has written numerous articles regarding child abuse and neglect, including
"Forever Torn Asunder: Charting Evidentiary Parameters,
The Right to Competent Counsel and The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination in California Child Dependency and Parental Severance Cases," 27 Santa Clara L. Rev. 299 (1987);
"The World Where Parallel Lines Converge: The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination in Concurrent Civil and Criminal Child Abuse Proceedings," 24 Georgia L. Rev. 473 (1990);
"It Matters Not What Is Right But What Might Have Been: The Standard of Appellate Review for Denial of Counsel in Child Dependency and Parental Severance Trials," 12 Whittier L. Rev. 537 (1991);
"Evolution In Child Abuse Litigation: The Theoretical Void Where Evidentiary and Procedural Worlds Collide," 25 Loyola of Los Angeles L. Rev. 1009 (1992);
"Child Abuse: The Irreconcilable Difference Between Criminal Prosecution and Informal Dependency Court Mediation," 31 Univ. of Louisville J. Of Family Law 37 (1992-93);
"Severing Hansel From Gretel: An Analysis of Siblings' Association Rights," 49 Univ. of Miami L. Rev. No. 2, Spring 1995;
"Law Schools' Duty to Train Children's Advocates: A Blueprint for an Inexpensive Experientially-Based Juvenile Justice Course," 46 Juvenile and Family Court Journal No. 1, Spring 1995;
"An Opening Gambit In Teaching Juvenile Law," 20 Univ. of Alabama Law & Psychology Review 1 (1996);
"Standards Of Appellate Review For Denial Of Counsel And Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel in Child Protection and Parental Severance Cases," 27 Loyola Univ. Chicago L. J. 195 (1996);
"Children Are Invisible, Children Are Real," 18 Whittier L. Rev. 759 (1997);
"S.B. California's New Hybrid: Children's Counsel As Advocates And Guardians Ad Litem," 2 U.C. Davis J. Of Juv. L. & Policy 16 (1997);
"Legislative Regulation of Dependency Court Attorneys: Public Relations and Separation of Powers," 24 Notre Dame J. Of Legislation 1 (1998);
"In re Car," Negotiation Simulation Exercises (Center for Dispute Resolution, 1999);
"Searching for the Proper Role of Children's Counsel in California Dependency Cases: The Answer of the Dependency Sphinx," 1 J. of the Center for Children and the Courts 21 (1999);
"Mommy's Gone, Daddy's In Prison, Now What About Me? Family Reunification For Children Of Single Custodial Fathers In Prison Will The Sins Of Incarcerated Fathers Be Inherited By Their Children?" 75 North Dakota L. Rev. 179 (1999).

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