Kinship care

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Kinship care

Postby Marina » Sun May 21, 2006 9:23 pm

Kinship care

HHS Informal & formal kinship care, intro

Health & Human Services

Placement of children with relatives, summary of state laws ... entall.pdf

HHS kinship care survey

HHS Kinship caregivers and child welfare


American Bar Association policy

Child welfare league

Health care issues ... p_Care.pdf

voluntary kinship placements

Article - Legal maze of kinship care ... 744/1.html

Kinship care providers

medical & educational consent ... nsent.html

Legislative update

legal infor, grandparents, AARP, kinship care ... legal.html

Children's law report ... 412559.pdf

health financing issues

- - - - - - - -

California - Los Angeles ... 20consent'

Colorado ... 20Body.htm


Maine (look under kinship care in definitions)

Maryland article ... _Aug05.pdf


Maryland ... 20consent'

Maryland, medical ... atment.htm

Michigan ... 744/1.html

Minnesota ... 20consent'

NJ '99 ... 2199rs.htm

North Carolina -- Child Welfare Agency ... 1c5-05.htm

"Informal kinship care arrangements are commonplace in times of shared crisis for many families. Such arrangements are most effective when other members of the family and community resources provide emotional and tangible support to the care provider. When a DSS becomes involved in a family, informal kinship supports may not exist and the family may be too embarrassed or angry to seek such support. For instance, during a child protective services investigative assessment, a DSS may require the parent to choose and arrange for a temporary placement for their child in order to protect the child from further harm. Agency staff may need to help the temporary care provider locate and develop support and resources needed in caring for the child. In addition, the agency shall remain involved with the family providing placement and the birth family until the child’s ongoing safety is assured and the placement is legally secure or until the DSS files petition for custody. These informal arrangements are NOT legally secure for the child or for the caregiver."

Pa. medical

Washington, kinship care legal resources

Washingtion, agreement form ... eement.pdf

Washington state

Washington ... 20consent'
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