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Family Rights Sites and Groups

Postby Marina » Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:02 am

Family Rights Sites and Groups

Judge these links for yourself

American Family Advocacy Center

American Family Rights Association

Assaulted by the CPS - lot of links

Child Protection Reform

CPS Watch

Don’t take our kids

The Facts's/Resources.htm

False Allegations

False Allegations


Kids for Sale

Gourt ... ights.html

Home School Legal Defense Association

Let My Children Go

National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

Save Your Children

Start Protecting Americans Rights Everywhere

Victims of Child Abuse Laws

When the System Fails

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California Homeschool Network

Connecticut ... ndbook.htm

Hope 4 Kids









West Texas

West Virginia
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Postby Marina » Thu Sep 27, 2007 9:31 am


In the first place I can't stand injustice in any form, especially injustice towards the children.
Children make good targets because they are so innocent and have no power to fight back.

Too many people misunderstand the purpose of child protective services. Far from being a kind and benevolent agency, it has become a heartless, family-destroying behemoth relying on federal funding streams given when children are taken from their families, when parental rights are terminated, and when adoptions take place.

"Sadistic and criminal aren't words usually associated with social workers. But they come to mind while reading the results of a yearlong investigation into a child-protection bureaucracy that was allowed to go rogue. Social workers gave each other nicknames like "The Queen of Removal" and "Terminator" and laughed as they stripped children from their parents! -"

Even under the state's protection, many children are dying ! Why ?
Some caseworkers are too busy, too careless or too clueless to do their jobs.

Responsibility for this belongs to all of us, from the county social workers the a court and social service bureaucracy that drags out decisions in a child's life, to the county commissioners and taxpayers who have failed for years to provide enough funding for these services.

This is a matter of conscience. I can not, and will not close my eyes in the face of this tragedy, fully knowing what is happening to children and families everywhere and knowing it will continue to happen. I want to give our forgotten children in State care something they need - a voice. I have been and I will continue to be their voice.As all people say, the children are our future. Well, it's about TIME, we started nurturing that future, protecting and cherishing each and every precious child that is upon this earth. We should give voice to the voiceless and share our power with the powerless.



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Postby Marina » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:52 pm

New Hampshire

DCYF: New Hampshire's
Child Protective Services agency



All over the country, citizens and non-citizens are discovering that the ideals of state agencies charged with protecting children have run amok.


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Postby Marina » Sat May 02, 2009 10:34 am


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